5 Reasons Why Wet Rooms are 2021’s Hottest Bathroom Trend

Looking to update your bathroom? Wet rooms are one of the most popular trends in recent years, doing away with excess fittings and furniture and opting for a more simple, spacious look. Whether you’re considering the jump to wet rooms or just browsing for inspiration, we’ve put together five reasons why wet rooms are great to have in your home.

Above: Copenhagen Easy Clean 8mm Wet Room Shower Glass 1400mm & 250mm Return Panel

What is a wet room?

A wet room is 100% watertight with an open, fitted shower that is flush to the floor, often having gently sloping flooring to guide the water towards a drain.

What’s the difference between a wet room and a shower room?

Wet rooms remove the need for a shower enclosure or tray, although it is popular to use a glass screen to prevent water from splashing outside of the shower area. Shower rooms, however, typically use one or two glass screens and a low-level shower tray. 

Cream shower room

Above (shower room): Troverta Cream Tiles

What is the best flooring for a wet room?

Porcelain or natural stone tiles are a great choice for wet rooms as they are hardwearing, water-resistant and easy to clean. There are also many anti-slip options, such as mosaic tiles which are attractive and easy to install.

1) Accessibility

Wet rooms are a great way to open up space, making it easier to access as there is nothing to step over or move out of the way. This makes it great for ease of living, especially for those with limited mobility such as the elderly or disabled. It’s also a great idea for any mud-loving pets to wash get washed down!

Blue tiled wet room with plant

Above: Ritz Marine Decor Gloss Tiles

2) Space-saving

This design removes the need for a shower drain or enclosure, creating the illusion of space in even the smallest of bathrooms. If you have no need for a bath or have another room with one in, then you can forgo this to create an even bigger area to work with.

Black and white wet room with bath

Above: Mist Graphite Concrete Effect Porcelain Paving Slabs

3) Easy to clean

When done correctly, wet rooms are better protected than a standard bathroom will be as everything is water-resistant. Introducing a floating vanity makes it even easier clean, and as everything is constantly getting wet it is simple to wipe away any areas where mould may be tempted to grow. In addition, there is no need for glass shower screens which eliminates notorious issues such as limescale and smears.

Grey tiled bathroom with plant

Above: Raku White Tiles

4) Stylish

Sleek and contemporary, wet rooms give the impression of greater space along with a feeling of luxury and class. Adding the same tiles to the walls and floors is a great way to create a seamless, cohesive look.

White wet room with bronze furnishings

Above: Form Ivory Polished Tiles

5) Adding value

Having a wet room instead, or alongside another bathroom can make the house more attractive to sell as it reduces the chances of damage, leaks and other water-related issues that usually come with a standard bathroom. Water can build up over time in a standard bathroom creating issues with dampness in the walls, whereas, in a wet room, all of the moisture is contained within the sealed walls of the room.

White marble wet room with black boarded glass screen

Above: Munich Matt Black Grid 8mm Wet Room Shower Glass 1300mm & 250mm Pivotal Return Panel

Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson