When it comes to choosing flooring for your home, Luxury Vinyl Tiles are an excellent option. They're durable, easy to install, water-proof, affordable and long lasting!

Here the 9 best Luxury Vinyl Tiles...

1) Honey Luxury Vinyl Tiles

If you love the idea of inviting the natural look into your interior spaces, then try these Arcadia Honey Luxury Vinyl Tiles! They have a lifelike wood effect design, with impressive wood grain print.

2) Dark Chocolate Luxury Vinyl Tiles

For a slightly warmer approach to the natural look. with the same realistic wood grain effect, how about these gorgeous Arcadia Dark Chocolate Luxury Vinyl Tiles? They click together easily to create a water proof seal.

3) Midnight Luxury Vinyl Tiles

With a stony appearance, these Arcadia Midnight Luxury Vinyl Tiles are excellent for creating a darker natural base in any room throughout your home. They're less elongated than the wood effect planks, so they offer an entirely different look for your floor spaces.

4) Smoke Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Alive with an atmospheric stony / concrete effect design, these Arcadia Smoke Luxury Vinyl Tiles are truly ideal for injecting character into your interior floor areas. Made with 70% limestone, they are some of the most rigid and durable vinyl flooring tiles available on the market.

5) Salt Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Brighten up your interiors with these fabulous Arcadia Salt Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Light in colour, they're ideal for making a bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen space feel instantly fresher, brighter and larger!

6) Cocoa Luxury Vinyl Tiles

A water resistant alternative to laminate and hardwood flooring options, these rich-toned Arcadia Cocoa Luxury Vinyl Tiles  are ideal for covering floor areas in rooms that aren't strangers to the occasional spill or splash, such as the bathroom or kitchen!

7) Vintage Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Another wood effect tile in a neutral colourway, these charming Arcadia Vintage Luxury Vinyl Tiles are perfect for welcoming that natural look into your interiors.

Top question: Why is the natural look - the idea of inviting woods and stones into our homes - so popular?

Top answer: Because it helps us to feel closer to nature; and, thus, subconsciously puts us at ease and helps us to relax and unwind in our homes.

8) Charcoal Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Refresh the floors throughout your home with these stylish Arcadia Charcoal Luxury Vinyl Tiles! Like the rest of the Luxury Vinyl Tiles in our selection, these tiles form a floating floor. That means no adhesive is required, making installation quicker, and meaning you can walk on the floor instantly once these planks have been laid.

9) Chalk Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Finally in our run-down of best luxury vinyl tiles, we have these Arcadia Chalk Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Another light-coloured wood effect design, they have a soft grey tone with will tie in beautifully with any colour scheme you might have in mind!


There you have it - the best 9 luxury vinyl tiles! If you need any guidance when it comes to installing them, try this handy guide: How to install luxury vinyl flooring planks.

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Vinyl Plank Flooring vs Laminate: What's the difference?

Laminate used to be a popular flooring option, but more and more frequently now, people are opting to choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring instead. Here are a few reasons why!

1. Ease of installation

One of the main benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring / Luxury Vinyl Tiles is that it’s incredibly easy to install. It’s a floating floor, which means no adhesive is needed (which means no drying time) and because it’s only 4mm thick, it means you can cut it with a utility knife!

The same cannot be said for laminate flooring, however; which is thicker, and requires cutting with a saw or jigsaw. This means you’ll probably need to take the pieces outdoors for the cuts, unless you fancy a house full of sawdust. And these trips outdoors means you have to wait for a clear day – which limits you, when installing in the UK.

2. Is laminate or vinyl more durable?

Luxury vinyl tiles are made from 70% limestone. Not only does this make them rigid, but it also makes them durable, long-lasting and scratch resistant. Laminate, however, does tend to scratch fairly easily, and can quickly become quite unsightly.

3. Waterproof

Another main benefit of luxury vinyl flooring is that it’s 100% waterproof. This makes it ideal for installation in areas that are prone to have the odd splash – such as the kitchen or the bathroom. If you’ve got clumsy toddlers who tend to spill their drinks a lot, or pets who run through the house soaking wet from their latest swim, then the waterproof benefit comes in handy in the hallway, lounge and bedroom, too!

Because of their distant relation to wood, laminate flooring options are not waterproof. In fact, if water seeps into the joints, the planks will often blister and bulge, and will be ruined.

4. No acclimation

Acclimation is where boxes of flooring sit in a room for a few days before installation, to allow them to expand or contract to the temperature and conditions in the room. Because wood is well known for expanding and contracting, laminate flooring does require acclimation – it needs to sit in the room for about 2 days before you can go ahead and install it. Luxury vinyl flooring, however, does not. The second you get it into the room, you can rip open those boxes and begin laying your new flooring!

Now that you know all the drastic differences between laminate flooring and vinyl flooring planks / luxury vinyl tiles, you might want to take a closer look at the latter. Here's a link to our selection: Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

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Your questions about luxury vinyl flooring answered...

We've looked at all your burning questions surrounding luxury vinyl tiles / vinyl flooring click planks, and we've answered every single one!

What are the advantages of vinyl flooring? Is vinyl plank flooring good?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, like the ones we stock here at Walls and Floors, are a very good flooring option. Firstly, they form a floating floor, which means there’s no need for adhesive. You can also cut them with a utility knife. These two elements mean Luxury Vinyl Tiles are incredibly easy to install.

Secondly, unlike laminate, hardwood, carpet, etc, luxury vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof – so you can install it in areas where you’re likely to make a splash, such as the bathroom or kitchen – without worrying about water damage or swelling to your flooring choice!

Thirdly, luxury vinyl tiles are made from 70% limestone, so they’re although they’re thin and easily to work with, they’re also quite rigid and very durable; making them resistant to scratching and impacts, and damage from static weight (such as sofas, etc).

Fourthly, luxury vinyl flooring doesn’t need acclimating. This is where you need to leave your boxed flooring in the room for a few days, to expand or contract to the temperature and conditions in the room where they’re being installed. Hardwood and laminate flooring requires this – but luxury vinyl flooring doesn’t. You can unbox and start installation as soon as you get the boxes through the door!

Fifthly, luxury vinyl flooring is very slim. Ours measures at just 4mm in thickness. This means, unlike some thicker flooring options, you likely won’t need to plane the bottoms of your doors to adjust to the height of the new floor.

Sixthly, luxury vinyl tiles are eco friendly! They’re 100% recyclable, which is something that can’t be said for most flooring options.

So, to sum up, the advantages of vinyl flooring are that it’s easy to install, it’s waterproof, it’s durable and resistant to scratching, it doesn’t need acclimating which saves time, it will fit under your doors, and it’s eco friendly and recyclable!

How long does it take to install vinyl plank flooring?

Due to how easy it is to cut vinyl plank flooring to size, tiling rooms with no piping etc is very quick and easy. You can cover a 20 Sqm room in a couple of hours with no preparation or drying times to worry about. The time will increase when you start having to make more technical cuts – for example, cutting around a toilet or piping. But this can still be done easily with a utility knife.

Here's a guide: How to Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Do I need underlay for vinyl plank flooring?

We advise to use a HDF 200 underlay.

How eco friendly is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Unlike some options on the market, our Luxury Vinyl flooring is 100% recyclable! No wooden elements are used in the production process. It’s also free of Ortho-Phthalates and emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other chemical substances.

Does vinyl plank flooring need to acclimate?

Whilst some vinyl flooring may need to acclimate to the room you’re working in for a couple of days, the luxury vinyl flooring we stock here at Walls and Floors does not need to acclimate. So long as the substrate is good and ready, you can simply open up the boxes and start laying!

Which direction should I install my vinyl plank flooring?

It’s usually advised to run them parallel with the longest wall. For example, in a room that is 2 metres by 3 metres, you’ll run the planks along the wall that is 3 metres.

Can vinyl plank flooring be glued down?

Our Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring collection is actually intended to be a floating floor, with no glue or adhesive used.

How thick should vinyl plank flooring be?

There’s no set measurement for how thick vinyl plank flooring should be. One benefit of vinyl plank floorings is that you can cut them with a utility knife; so you want the planks to be thin enough to achieve this, whilst still having enough thickness to be durable. Coming in at 4mm thick, the Luxury Vinyl Tiles we stock at Walls and Floors, which are 70% limestone, give the perfect balance of cut-ability and durability!

How much does it cost to install vinyl plank flooring?

Installing vinyl plank flooring requires very little technical ability, so in most cases, it’s a job you can carry out yourself, for free! You’ll just need a utility knife! Here’s a guide.

Can I lay new vinyl over old vinyl?

So long as the vinyl is perfect flat and sound, there’s no reason why you can’t lay your new Luxury Vinyl Tiles over your old vinyl flooring. We recommend using underlay to achieve the best finish.

How long before you can walk on vinyl tiles?

Because our Luxury Vinyl Tiles are used to create a floating floor, there’s no adhesive, so you can walk on them instantly, as soon as they’re laid!

What is the best vinyl plank flooring? / What is the most durable vinyl flooring? / Which vinyl flooring is best? / What is the best vinyl plank flooring to buy?

The Luxury Vinyl Tiles we stock at Walls and Floors are definitely one of the best and most durable vinyl plank flooring products on the market. They’re 70% limestone, making them much more rigid and hard-wearing than other vinyl flooring options. They’re 100% waterproof, they don’t require acclimation, they’re stable in low to high temperature variations, they’re stable in sunlight, they’re resistant to impact and heavy static loads, they’re suitable for use in every room, and they’re sound absorbent.

How long do vinyl floors last?

Generally, Luxury Vinyl Tiles last upwards of 25 years before they begin to show wear and tear.

Is vinyl flooring better than wood?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are more resistant to impact and scratching than traditional hardwood flooring. They’re also completely water proof, whereas hardwood flooring isn’t. The price difference between Luxury Vinyl Flooring and hardwood flooring is also considerable – Luxury Vinyl Tiles sit at around the £25 / Sqm mark, whereas decent-quality hardwood flooring start from £80 / Sqm upwards. But the biggest difference is the ease of installation – Luxury Vinyl Flooring can be cut with a utility knife, whereas hardwood flooring needs to be cut with a saw (often meaning you have to take your pieces outdoors to make the cuts). So in terms of durability, water resistance, price and ease of installation, yes, Luxury Vinyl Flooring is better than hardwood flooring.

Does luxury vinyl plank flooring scratch easily?

Luxury vinyl flooring planks or ‘tiles,’ such as the ones we stock at Walls and Floors, are resistant to most scratching and surface impacts. They are made from 70% limestone, which makes them more rigid and durable than most other options on the market.

How do I clean my vinyl plank flooring?

You can remove daily dust and debris with a broom or vacuum cleaner. For a more thorough clean, a mop and bucket with regular floor cleaner will do the trick.

Are luxury vinyl planks safe? / Is luxury vinyl toxic?

Luxury vinyl planks / tiles are very safe and eco friendly. They are free of Ortho-Phthalates and they feature industry-lowest emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other chemical substances. They’re also 100% recyclable!

Does vinyl plank flooring increase home value?

Floor options that are hard-wearing, long-lasting and are unlikely to need changing or updating anytime soon have been known to increase the value of a property. At the top of the list of durable flooring options, you’ll find tiles and vinyl plank flooring!

Is vinyl plank flooring good for living room?

Absolutely! Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring / Luxury Vinyl Tiles are perfect for use in all areas throughout the house. Because ours are made from 70% limestone, they are very durable and long-lasting, and they’re also 100% waterproof.

Is vinyl plank flooring good for kitchens?

Definitely! The Luxury Vinyl Tiles we stock here at Walls and Floors is made from 70% limestone, so it’s rigid and durable, and can cope with the traffic of a busy family kitchen! And don’t worry about any splashes from the sink – our Luxury Vinyl is 100% waterproof.

Can I use vinyl plank flooring outside?

Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles are intended for indoor use. They can be used throughout all rooms inside the home.

Does vinyl contain lead?

Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles do not contain lead. They are made from 70% limestone and 30% PVC. They are fully recyclable.

What's the easiest flooring to install yourself?

Without a doubt, Luxury Vinyl is the easiest flooring to install yourself. Firstly, it’s a floating floor, which means no adhesive (and no adhesive drying time). Secondly, it’s only 4mm thick, which means you can cut it with a utility knife! Just score into the surface of the vinyl and snap upwards or downwards! The pieces click together simply and easily; creating a waterproof seal.