9 Pink Bathroom Ideas

Pink has been seen as a feminine colour for many years now. But, this shouldn’t scare anyone away from injecting some of this fun shade into their bathroom. We believe it’s a gorgeous colour that complements bathrooms magnificently. Take a look at our pink bathroom ideas that are sure to change your mind about the shade.

1 – Blush Backdrops

The lighter shade of pink, blush, is a perfect way of subtly implementing the colour into your bathroom without it being too overwhelming or powerful. The pastel shade complements most bathroom accessories and brings a sense of calm and relaxation to the space. It creates a spa like oasis for after those long hard days. Lighter shades of our favourite colours can feel light and soft across our homes, creating an inviting area for you and your guests. We’ve used our Angel Gloss Pink Metro Tiles to create a boarder around the sink area, and we think it perfectly offsets the harshness of the bold black used for the sink unit.

Above, Angel Gloss Pink Metro Tiles

2 – Create a Vintage Feel

Vintage bathrooms are growing in popularity for their tranquil and homely atmosphere. This can be achieved in many different ways, but complementing gold shades with a muted shade of pink is a sure fire way of creating that sought-out effect. Muted shades of pink are another way of ensuring you can utilise pink without it being too bold or powerful. The shade is great for those of us wishing to create a more neutral colour scheme, as it complements earthier tones like beige or even some greens. We’ve used our Powder Room Moldura Tiles to create a border along the top of our tiled panelling, which enhances the vintage aesthetic.

Above, Capsule Powder Room Moldura Tiles

3 – Mixing Pink With Monochrome

If you’re thinking of going monochrome in your bathroom redesign, consider implementing a third and final shade to really offset the black and white and create intrigue in your space. Personally, we’d recommend pink, of course, but other colours like deep greens of vibrant blues can work just as well. But, our favourite is pink, as we think it complements black and white schemes gorgeously to create a chic and sophisticated feel throughout the room. For our Covent Garden Gloss Pink Flat Metro Tiles, we have created a free and creative black polka dot effect across the white wall above our beautiful tiles. This works well with the dark shades of furniture, and can be a sure way of showing off some of your personality!

Above, Covent Garden Gloss Pink Flat Metro Tiles

4 – Pink Panelling

Panelling is the perfect way of tying your room and all of its features together. It creates seamless synchronicity throughout your room, making it easy on the eye. Panelling doesn’t always have to be done with wood, we love creating tiled panelling for our bathroom spaces here at Walls and Floors. Tiles leave the opportunity to go wild with how you decide to panel your room. Whether it be patterned or plain, or subtle or bold, there is so much possibility. We’ve bought back our Capsule Tiles, this time being the bevelled edge square format, to show you ways in which they can be used to create gorgeous panelling across the space.

Above, Capsule Powder Room Bevelled Tiles

5 – Get Creative With Your Tiling Choices

When tiling your bathroom, you may think the safest option is to go for a plain and simple white tile, and as much as we love them, they aren’t always the best choice for the area. They collect dirt and grime and require a lot of upkeep. By choosing a coloured or patterned tile, you’re eliminating such an intense upkeep. Detailed patterned tiles can distract the eye away from specks of dirt, and pink shades can help hide any product stains or marks. Our Gatsby Tiles in pink are a great option for bathroom splashbacks or in the shower area, to eliminate the need for frequent cleaning. Their matt surface means products and water marks from the sink or shower can be easily wiped off, with no need for hard scrubbing.

Above, Gatsby Pink Tiles

6 – Contrasting Colours

Pink is a colour that can be difficult to pair and match with others. Plan your space well by ordering some samples to see what colours work well together. By doing this you can create a bathroom with all of your favourite shades in. Our general rule of thumb for finding another colour to go with pink is to try out some navy blue. It is a versatile colour that will work with most others and most accessories you may have in mind. Not only this, but it can also create an elegant and glamorous look in your space, sure to look luxurious and expensive.

Above, Chatham Rose Brick Tile

7 – Make a Statement With Your Accessories

Splashing pink across your bathroom space doesn’t mean you have to hold back on the accessories. They can be just as bold and daring as the wall and floor space and still work well together. If you carefully plan the colours and styles you’d wish to work into your space, they can create an eclectic and homely feel across the bathroom, a style that has been popular for as long as we can remember. We’ve paired our Pickett Bevelled Petal Tiles with a patterned floor and a complementary daisy yellow bath tub, to show you that we’re not scared of mixing and matching, so neither should you be.

Above, Pickett Bevelled Petal Pink Tiles

8 – Use Tiled Feature Walls to Pack a Pink Punch

Feature walls are a great way of showing off your personality and style anywhere across your home. Especially in the bathroom space that doesn’t get a whole lot of love. It doesn’t always have to be bold and crazy patterned tiles. However, saying that, we love the way these Terrazzo Hexagon Nevada Pink Porcelain Tiles look in our bathroom set. These tiles make such a statement and are incredibly eye-catching at first glance. They add depth and detail to the area, so you need little to no accessories to jazz up the space. They do all the work for you!

Above, Terrazzo Hexagon Nevada Pink Porcelain Tile

9 – Go Crazy with Pink Flooring

Pink doesn’t have to be limited to the wall space in your bathroom. It can create just as much of an effect when used across the floor space also. Using coloured flooring can help add depth and texture to your bathroom space, and we have a wide range of coloured flooring to help with this. No, they’re not all pink! However, pink on the floor can be a great way of ensuring there is room to be simple and elegant across the rest of the room, in the wall choice and the furniture you choose! The Dollymixx Plum Blush Pink Tiles are highly textured and detailed, filling your space with an abundance of character.

Above, Dollymixx Plum Blush Pink Terrazzo Effect Tiles

There are our top 9 ways of injecting some fun pink shades into your bathroom! We hope you love your redesign, be sure to share it with us on our Instagram, @wallsandfloors

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard