Beyond Wallpaper: Creative Wallpaper Alternatives for Your Home Decor

Creating a unique and inviting space in your home foes beyond just selecting the right furniture and accessories, the walls themselves offer a blank canvas for expressing your individual style and personality. While wallpaper has been a go-to for wall design for years, modern homeowners and interior designers are increasingly turning towards more textured, durable and visually striking alternatives. Two of our favourite wallpaper alternatives for adding depth and character to any room are none other than Tiles and our Trepanel® Wood Slat Wall Panels!

1 – Quirky Square Wood Wall Panels

The possibilities when using square wood slat panels truly are endless. They offer the chance to truly personalize your design that is sure to catch anyone eye. Whether it’s a trendy diagonal scheme you’re looking for or a cohesive linear one, you can be sure to create an elegant look and feel. We’ve used our Trepanel® Oak Square panels in this chic living room design, in a varied diagonal scheme, creating a personalised flair with luxurious textiles spread throughout. Unlike wallpaper, these panels also offer the opportunity to improve the acoustics within your space, with their felt backing. If you’re looking to use Trepanel® for this purpose, be sure to follow our Trepanel® Guide.

A modern living room featuring an accent wall with square acoustic wood slat panels in an oak finish, arranged in a geometric pattern. The room includes a dark-coloured sofa with a green tropical -patterned cushion and a cosy green throw. There's a simple wooden coffee table and a black floor lamp with a classic shade. A framed palm tree print hangs on the adjacent light grey wall, adding a touch of serenity to the space.
Above, Trepanel® Oak Square Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

2 – Beautiful Bathroom Wallpaper Alternatives

It’s not ideal to be using wallpaper in the bathroom. You shower, the room gets hot and humid, and your wallpaper is bound to start peeling off the walls. For this reason, we suggest you browse our wide selection of patterned wall tiles. If installed correctly, the won’t fall off your wall when you decide you need a long, steamy shower. With choices from traditional to modern designs, you can be sure to find something that suits your personal style and bathroom design perfectly. These Scintilla Silver grey tiles complement this bathroom space perfectly, with their star pattern creating an interesting focal point to pair alongside the forest green vanity.

A chic bathroom vignette with a deep forest green vanity unit, topped with a contrasting white vessel sink and adorned with brass fixtures. The vanity is fitted with two drawers, each featuring vintage brass  wall sconces with exposed bulbs. The walls are tiled with Sintilla Dusk star-patterned tiles, adding a subtle vintage charm to the space. A lush green hand towel hangs to the side, echoing the vanity's colour, and a small potted fern adds a fresh touch of greenery.
Above, Scintilla Silver Grey Star Pattern Tiles

3 – Elegant Kitchen Wall Design

Similarly to your bathroom walls, wallpaper in the kitchen is not always ideal, especially not across the kitchen splashback. This area in particular gets covered in splashes and spills from cooking and daily kitchen use, so you therefore need a surface that is going to be easy to clean and requires minimal upkeep. Welcome, tiles! Kitchen splashback tiles come in a vast array of colours, sizes, shapes and styles, ensuring you can find the perfect match for for your design without the need for unsuitable wallpaper. You can use our wall tiles across the whole kitchen space to ensure a seamless design. These Raku Teal tiles offer the aesthetics of traditional Raku tiles with the practicality of ceramic tiles, perfect for your kitchen design.

A close-up of a kitchen backsplash featuring Raku square tiles with a unique design, presenting shades of turquoise and weathered copper effects. The tiles are complemented by a sleek countertop and a brass faucet with a classic design. Resting beside the faucet is an amber glass bottle of face cleanser with a black pump, placed on a dark round tray. Above the splashback, a wooden shelf holds an assortment of cookbooks, adding a personal and homey touch to the modern, rustic aesthetic of the space.
Above, Raku Square Teal Tiles

4 – Vibrant Coloured Slat Wall Panels

Continuing on from our Square wood panels suggestion, have you seen our coloured slat wall panels? They offer all the same benefits and qualities of the square wood slat panels, but with a unique ad vibrant colour across the slat surface, to offer a personalized and fun aesthetic for your home. Choose from our selection of coloured slat wall panels, where you’re sure to find the perfect match for your dream design. These can be used across areas like the living room, bedroom, hallway and office, to inject a bespoke look! Here we’ve used our Denim Blue wall panels in this dining room space, to inject a unique texture and contemporary look.

A contemporary dining space showcasing a bold feature wall with vertical acoustic wood panels in a striking denim blue colour, contrasted by black felt backing to act as wallpaper alternative. A concrete style dining table adds an industrial touch, complemented by a cosy cream throw draped over the chair in the foreground. The table is adorned with a minimalist arrangement including a reed diffuser in a clear glass bottle, and two off white candles in varying heights. A tall vase with eucalyptus branches lends a touch of organic warmth to the chic, modern composition.
Above, Trepanel® Denim Blue Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

5 – Opulent Marble Wall Designs

If it’s something much more sophisticated and opulent you’re looking for to replace your wallpaper, check out our selection of marble effect wall tiles. Offering top-notch quality and outstanding designs, they’re not only functional but aesthetically fitting too. Their varied designs complement any design scheme in mind and offer the opportunity to create a personalised design that will wow your guests. The beauty of tiles is that you can use them across the walls of any room in the house. We’ve used our elegant Passion Onyx Pear wall tiles in the bathroom to offer an example for styling them, but they would also look great across the bedroom for a hotel atmosphere, or in the hallway to welcome your friends into a luxurious home.

A luxurious bathroom corner featuring Passion Onyx Pear wall tiles with intricate veining in green and white hues, laid in a herringbone pattern to act as wallpaper alternative. The marble-patterned soap dispenser, and a small, round dish. Adding a touch of greenery, a vase with silvery eucalyptus leaves sits gracefully, enhancing the bathrooms opulent and tranquil ambiance.
Above, Passion Onyx Pear Wall Tiles

There you have our top 5 wallpaper alternatives, perfect for refreshing your interior design with practical yet stylish choices. Be sure to tag us in pictures of your designs over on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love to see what you’ve been up to!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard