Celebrating Our Customers’ Feline Friends for Hug a Cat Day

On Hug a Cat Day, we’ve put together a few of our favourite pictures that our customers have taken showcasing their finished projects along with their furry friends!

Seal of approval

@eskinthemeadows‘ adorable cats think they’ve done a purr-fect job laying our Harran Antique Vintage Blue Pattern Floor Tiles – and we agree.

2 cats sitting on a patterned floor made with harran antique tiles

Guardian of the sink

This fluffy feline is doing a great job protecting @sheremadness‘ gorgeous Blanc White Metro Tiles.

a cat sitting on an antique wooden cabinet in a bathroom

Giving us the tour

@my_fantasy_extension‘s beautiful cat is proud to show us their gorgeous kitchen made with our Trax Velvet Moon Matt Tiles!

Brown and white cat in front of a white kitchen with wicker chairs

Is it dinner time yet?

@living_in_lavender_house‘s feline friend looks at home in their lovely kitchen which has been designed using our Pixel White Herringbone Gloss 22×73 Mosaic Tiles.

Black and white cat with blue collar standing on the kitchen side

Sitting in her special spot

@sheremadness‘s cat is looking out from her little balcony in their kitchen designed with our Rustic White Metro Tiles

Fluffy cat looking down at flowers in a kitchen

Where’s kitty?

@withlovebytlc_‘s cat is playing a paw-some game of hide and seek in their bathroom which is decorated with our Flat Whitechapel White Gloss Tiles.

Cat peeping over the bathroom window

Waiting for you to come home

This gorgeous kitty is sitting patiently on @houseofwhitcliffe‘s steps, looking down at their hallway floor which is decorated with our Ledbury Slate Grey Pattern Tiles.

brown and white cat sitting at the bottom of a staircase

We’d love to see your pictures!

If you’ve got any feline friends who are proud of the work that you’ve done using our products, post it on instagram and tag us @wallsandfloors.

We can’t wait to see your paw-some work!