How to Choose the Right Size Tiles for Your Space

The tiles you choose to deploy across your space is totally down to personal choice and shouldn’t be determined by what you may think is right or wrong. As long as the tiles you choose are technically suitable for your space based on the specification details, you’re okay to choose whatever you’d like.

Something you may need to consider carefully is the size of the tiles. What’s the best size tile to choose? This depends on your personal taste, but again, we’re here to inspire and provide some guidance if you need it. There are certain factors that are worth considering when choosing the size of your tiles, like the amount of lighting in the space, the location of certain fixtures and fittings, the height of your ceilings and the space you have available in the room. Let us explain…

– Consider The Size of The Room

There are some exceptions to this rule, but generally you can decipher what size tile will look best based off the size of the room. For example, if you have a big open kitchen space, large format floor tiles will look great, meaning minimal grout lines across the space, enhancing a feeling of grandeur. On the other hand, if its a small cloakroom you’re looking to tile, don’t go trying to squeeze a 1200×600 tile in there. Smaller square or metro tiles work beautifully!

Small white square tile size across splashback in bathroom scheme with white basin and gold taps.

– Think About Your Grout Lines

The smaller your tiles are, the more grout lines you’ll notice, and these can add a lot of extra detail to the space. If you’re after a simple and clean look, consider tiles that are a bit bigger. If it’s something a bit busier you’re after, smaller tiles with grout in a different shade to the tile will add masses of depth and character. We love the look of white mosaic or metro tiles with a striking black grout, creating a truly modern style. To make your room look larger, consider a grout that perfectly, or near perfectly, matches the colour of your tiles, reducing the appearance of joints.

Large tile size across floor of small living area including orange armchair and small wooden table.
Above, Form Ivory Polished Tiles

– Work With Your Fixtures and Fittings

Looking to tile a bathroom? You may come across things like pipes or toilets that will require tiles to be cut to fit around. If this is the case, a large format tile is going to need a lot more cutting away than a smaller tile that can be laid around the space, with a few edges here and there getting the cut. If your toilet is quite close to the shower, for example, the tiles you place around the area will need a lot more work and cut pieces than if they were small enough to slot in.

Wood effect small size grey floor tiles working around shower tray with matt black shower screen.
Above, Friston Wood Effect Matt Grey Tiles

– Work With the Tile Layout

Something else to consider when choosing your tiles is the layout you think you’d like to use. For example, when tiles are laid diagonally in a room, it plays a trick on the eye, making us think the space is larger simply because of a perspective trick. To make a narrow room appear larger, consider laying rectangular tiles with the long edge going against the shorter wall of the room. This broadens the space, making it appear much larger to the eye.

Large square tile size in diagonal format across floors of luxurious bathroom with large format onyx marble tiles across walls and white traditional freestanding bath.
Above, Yuri Graphite 90% Recycled 583×583 Tiles

– Walls Vs Floors

Choosing a tile for your wall can be a very different process to choosing a tile for your floor. It involves a lot less worrying about slip resistance and strength, allowing more freedom with fun designs and ceramic patterns. Splashbacks often present the opportunity to go crazy with the tiles you use, as the patterns and styles available and suitable for this purpose are plentiful. Ensure your chosen tile is suitable for use across walls and you’re good to go!

Square small tile size across splashback with striking blue design and dark wood cabinets.
Above, Raku Square Teal Tiles

There you have our guide on choosing the best size tiles for your space. Be sure to tag us in pictures of the finished results on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing your projects and they might get featured on our website!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard