How to Make Your Bathroom Cosy, Without Breaking the Bank

As the months get colder, we’re all looking for ways to nestle in and feel cosier at home, whether that is a throw on the sofa or some new cushions on the bed.

Bathroom spaces are actually a great environment to curate into cosy and inviting spaces in your home for some me-time, and we’ve compiled a list of ways (and items!) to help you make your bathroom that little bit more snug.

See Life In Rosy Hues

Oval Hanging Copper Mirror, Dunelm, £10

A mirror is a bathroom essential, but they are often used as an illusion by reflecting a room to make it appear larger.

Choosing a smoked mirror, such as this Oval Hanging Copper Mirror from Dunelm, is an easy way to warm up your bathroom and give it a cosier feel, without having to say goodbye to your reflection. You can still check yourself out post-shower, so don’t worry!

Better yet, copper/rose gold is still on-trend and we love it as an accent colour to shades of grey and white.

Towels for show?

Essential Towel Bale in ‘Spot Pattern’, Next, £22

Display towels are perfect for adding some texture and life to your bathroom. Drape them over radiators, loop them over hooks, or have them peeking out of the side of your bath when it’s not in use to enhance tactility in a room.

This Essential Towel Bale from Next in ‘Spot Pattern’ is a gorgeous balance of texture and design. The abstract spot print is popular right now, and blends well with 2021’s forecasted trend of abstract line art, so your bathroom can be just as stylish as it is cosy.

A Warm Sense of Humour

Sometimes, being brutally honest is the best way. Straight-up humour is endearing, and quite easy to warm to.

That’s why we’re loving this bathmat from B&M – it’s warm in 2 aspects! ‘Get Naked’ is a simple and straight-to-the-point quirky joke that is great to make you smile as you run your bath, and the tufted pile on this bathmat is snug on your toes.

Again, texture is cosy’s best friend here! Coupled with display towels, these additions are a dynamic duo in making your bathroom warm. Oh, and it’s only £6.99!

A Place To Perch Your Wine

Extendable Bamboo Bath Rack by Wayfair Basics™ , Wayfair, £24.99

Bath racks, caddys, tables – whatever you may call them – are back in fashion, and it’s definitely for the best.

This one from Wayfair has a specific wine glass, book, and candle holder – so you can all all your home comforts in the bath with you! Relax and unwind after a long day at work, and make your bathroom a snug and safe haven you want to spend some me-time in not just an essential part of your home.

Since this specific one has a bookstand, we’d love to recommend a book! ‘Good Vibes, Good Life’ by Vex King is the perfect read for working on your own wellness and positivity, whilst treating yourself to a pamper. A lovely cosy vibe to relax in.

There Is Such A Thing As Cosy Tiles

Largo Tusk Cream Geo Pattern Tiles, Walls and Floors, £27.95 pSQM

The fundamental shell of any room relies on the walls and the floors, so why not make those cosy too? We’ve previously discussed how texture influences the ‘cosy’ factor in a room, and these Largo Tusk Cream Geo Tiles are perfect for this as they have a modern geometric texture and are in a warm cream hue. Warm-based neutrals are an easy way to up the cosy-factor without feeling overwhelmed by colour.

Blengdale Haya Wood Effect Tiles, Walls and Floors, £26.95 pSQM

If floors are more your thing – or if you want some flooring as well – we’ve recently launched a range of soft-touch wood effect tiles. They are durable porcelain, wood effect, and a soft texture to the touch for an ultimate snug feel. The Blengdale range, and particularly the colour Haya, is perfect for a soothing and versatile grain. We don’t see any faults with these for your bathroom, or any room for that matter!

Di’vine’ Additions

Plants are the new home essential it seems, and this Rapunzel plant from Patch is a gorgeous choice for a bathroom setting. Devil’s ivy thrives in humidity, so there really is no better place for this princess plant than a cosy bathroom!

Due to the trailing nature of her stems, we’d perch her on an industrial-vibed shelf, like these ones from Amazon. This amalgamation of the natural with the industrial is hot topic in interior design right now, and having shelving is always useful for other bits like air fresheners or…


Candles are great addition for a tranquil and spa-like space. Choose warm scents to really cosy up in such as this one from Wilko. Treat yourself after a long day at work, and dim the lights and have a soak. Plus, with that bath rack we mentioned earlier, you can enjoy a glass of wine as you relax.

As the festive season rolls around, spiced scents such as cinnamon or Christmas cookie are a great option to unwind in. Personal touches always feel that bit more homely and warm, so these initial candles from Etsy are a great shout for that emotional cosiness we all need.