How to Style Green Tiles

At Walls and Floors, we’ve chosen Victorian Green as our colour of the year. This envy-inducing shade is sure to steal the show in any room of the home with its intense and timeless look.

‘Green falls in the middle of the colour spectrum,’ explains colour psychologist and author of The Little Book Of Colour, Karen Haller. ‘The eye requires very little to no adjustment to be able to see it. It is, therefore, a very restful colour for us, providing a sense of balance. Spend time in green and we feel restored and rejuvenated.’

Green tiles can offer a different look depending on style and shade. Light green tiles give a cool, fresh look which helps to create a calm and soothing environment, whereas deeper greens are bold and intriguing – perfect for creating a bold splashback or eye-catching feature wall.

We’ve put together a few ways that you can style green tiles, as well as advice on how to do so, to inspire you to use this stunning colour in your home.

Classic Neutrals

Want to make your green tiles pop? There’s no better way than using neutral colours to contrast against their brilliant bright green hue. Driven by our emotional connection to nature, green is a soothing colour that doesn’t look too loud, especially when paired with calmer elements.

Wood helps to soften the look of a room, working together with the colour green to create a relaxing look for a harmonious, natural scheme in your home.

Above, MADE.com (laundry basket), Dusk, MADE.com (hooks), Bathroom Mountain, H&M Home (bath mat), MADE.com (mirror), H&M Home (curtain), Patch Plants (Julien), ZARA Home (candle), Next (tallboy), ZARA Home (bath mat), Patch Plants (Vance), Dunelm (tray), Next (cabinet), MADE.com (candle), H&M Home (laundry bag)

Complementary colours

With complementary colours, opposites attract, creating harmony through bright, high contrast colour combinations.

Pink and green are opposite each other in the colour wheel, making them complementary to each other. You might be afraid to use these colours together in memory of the avocado green and salmon pink bathroom suites in the 70s, but there are many other ways to style them.

Pairing these two colours together creates a calm, serene look that’s soothing to the eye, providing a sense of comfort and escapism. The colour green has a great connection to our physical and mental health and when combined with pink, it really pops – perfect for creating a bold statement!

Above, MADE.com (sofa), Olivia Bonas, MADE.com (tables), Patch Plants, Dunelm (lamp), Cultfurniture (vase), Habitat, Dunelm (rug), MADE.com (candleholders), Cultfurniture.com (footstool)

Modern minimalism

Modern minimalism is characterised by simplicity, prioritising elegance, light and clean lines to create a simple, uncluttered space. Green is a great choice for this style, adding a splash of colour that draws the eye and highlights the simplicity of the room.

Our Plush Victorian Crackle Tiles are great for vintage, Victorian-style homes with their rich hue and deep, indulgent glaze. Made from ceramic, they are designed with distinctive bevelled edges and a delicate crackle glaze for an antique, time-worn appearance.

Above, Plush Victorian Green Crackle Glaze Tiles

Minimalist spaces are instantly recognisable for their crisp, clean, clutter-free and monochromatic look. This style is great for decluttering the mind and creating a sense of visual calm. A hint of green helps to prevent the room from looking soulless and dull, especially in the combination of different shades and textures.

Above, Furniture Village, Selfridges (Le Creuset), John Lewis, Patch Plants (fidel tree), MADE.com (wine rack), Patch Plants (Phil), MADE.com (utensil holder), MADE.com (towel), ZARA Home (storage box), ZARA Home (toaster), Patch Plants (Chris), Dunelm (runner), MADE.com (bar stools), Selfridges (garden), Dunelm (serve board)

How will you style green tiles in your home? We’d love to know! Tag us in your projects on Instagram @wallsandfloors.

Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson