How to Hygge: A Guide to Enjoying Winter

Beat those winter blues and make the most of the season by introducing Hygge into your home! Pronounced hoo-gah, this Nordic concept is all about enjoying the simple things! It’s also about creating a warm, cosy ambience in your home, where you can share some amazing moments and create new memories with your friends and family.



To welcome ‘Hygge’ into your home this winter, here are some simple steps…


> Transform your sofa into a cuddly cocoa-drinking space by adding throws and textured cushions.

> Collect together candles and tea light lanterns and let them light up the room!


hygge candles in living room


> Turn off the TV and bring out the board games! Steal your family away from the technology that’s taking over our lives, and have some good old fashioned fun!

> Introduce warm, textured tiles to bring a cosy look to your walls, such as the Boutique Brick Slip Tiles below.



> Swap those bright, glaring light bulbs for warmer, lower-wattage alternatives.

> Get the fireplace roaring! There’s nothing more festive than getting toasty by a crackling fire! And why not put those chopped logs on show for a Scandi feature? Stack them into an available crevice, or bundle them into a basket!


log burner fireplace


> Create a toasty floor with wood effect tiles.

> Don’t let the cold steal your garden – invest in a fire pit, and toast marshmallows with your friends!



> Shut your phone away in a drawer, and bake. Bake cookies, scones, cakes. Bake everything. Fill up a tin and offer them to your guests.

> Try creating your own handmade gifts. They’ll save you money, they’ll give you an excuse to test out your creative skills, and they’ll mean a lot more to the recipient


homemade gifts


There you have it – a guide for enjoying the winter, using the magic of Hygge!

Walls and Floors
Walls and Floors