Leanne Used our Trellis Casablanca Tiles to Add a Bright Statement to her Hallway

Leanne from @thejubbsatnumber5 on Instagram created a bright, bold statement floor in her hallway with our Trellis Casablanca Tiles.

We love patterned tiles in a hallway; it’s a timeless look that makes for a great first impression of your home. Leanne’s home is full of beautiful colour, and the hallway demonstrates this perfectly; as soon as you step through her pastel, mint green door you’re greeted with the bright, colourful kaleidoscope of our Trellis Casablanca Tiles!

Our Trellis Tiles are inspired by arabesque, Moroccan design and create a really striking feature on walls and floors throughout the home. The multitude of colours looks stunning when paired with pared-back neutrals, as Leanne has shown here with the neutral walls and wooden tones.

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