How to Make A Place Mat for Santa

santa place mat

Here’s a quick festive make that’ll keep the kids amused for a little bit! Lots of parents and children leave Santa and his reindeer some treats on Christmas Eve, so here’s a guide for making a Santa place mat…

santa place mat

What you will need

Place mat sized white tile – click here

Sharpie marker pens – Wilco

Circular objects to draw around

Just add: Mince pies, carrots and a glass of milk

santa place mat

1) Draw your outlines

Take your circular objects – one ideally glass-sized for the milk, and one ideally plate-sized for the mince pies. Draw around them with the sharpie pens onto the tile. Dotted lines work best. You could try a different colour for each outline. Don’t forget an outline for Rudolph’s carrot, too!

2 ) Leave Santa a message

Once your outlines are done, leave Santa a little message in the gaps, such as ‘Dear Santa, help yourself!’ If your children are little artists, they could even draw Father Christmas some fantastic pictures on the tile! And don’t forget to sign off who the treats are from, i.e. ‘Love from James.’

3) Wait until the day

Once the ink is dry, stash the place mat away until Christmas Eve when it’s ready to be used! Then, set it down on the table, and fetch some goodies for Santa and his reindeer from the cupboard or fridge!

santa place

4) Put everything in place

Let your little person set the glass of milk, carrots and mince pies in their outlined places! Then leave it for Santa to swing by for his late-night snack. Your place mat will be fine to use for next year, too!

santa place mat

There you have it – how to make a Santa place mat! For more fab Christmassy ideas, click here.