How To Match New Tiles to Existing Tiles

Need to match old tiles to existing ones? Here at Walls and Floors, we want to make this as easy as possible! In this guide on How To Match New Tiles to Existing Tiles, we’ve outlined some simple steps you can take…

Quick guide: How to match new tiles to existing tiles

There are certain circumstances where you might want to match new tiles to your existing ones. For example, perhaps you’ve knocked a wall through, and are joining two rooms into one, and one of the rooms has a beige stone effect tiled floor that you want to carry on across the entire floor space. Or, maybe you’ve simply broken a tile, and you don’t have any spares. You’ll need to find some new tiles that match your existing ones. Here are some steps to take…

1) Find the same tile

If you ordered from Walls and Floors originally, dig out your order confirmation email. It’ll have an ID which you can type into the search box at the top of our website. With any luck, we’ll still sell the tile! However, you have to watch out for batch variation which is where, over time, the shade of a certain tile can vary slightly, as it’s re-produced. Order a sample to check it’s still the same shade!
If we no longer sell the tile, don’t worry – move onto the steps below.

Above: Muniellos Wenge Anti-Slip Wood Effect Tiles

2) Filter yourself a close match

If you don’t know the exact tile you used, wheedle down your options on our website, by using the filters! For example, if you’re looking for a wall tile, click the ‘wall’ filter. If it’s a certain size, (i.e. 150x150mm) click that size bracket filter (100×100 – 250×200). If it’s a certain colour, (i.e. red) click the ‘red’ filter. This will quickly filter down the options we have on our website. If you can’t find the exact tile you used, you might find a close match. Order a sample tile of the ones that look similar. We’ll send out full size samples for you to compare with your existing tiles.

3) Ask for our help / send a picture

Our Sales team are very knowledgeable about our entire library of over 6,000 tiles. If you can’t seem to find a close match for the tile you’re looking for yourself, ask our team! Send an email describing the colour, material (if known), size and finish of the tile, and attach a pic! Someone will get back to you with some suggestions, and you’ll be able to order a sample tile to see if it’s a good match!

Above: Oasis Haven Matt Beige Tiles

There you have it – three steps on how to match new tiles to existing tiles.

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