Memory Lane: An Introduction to the Trend

country cottage metro tiles

country cottage metro tiles


Here at Walls and Floors, we’ve just launched our 4 interior trends for 2018! This is an introduction to trend number three, Memory Lane, where we’ll tell you a bit about the trend, and how to achieve it in your home.


An explanation of Memory Lane

Our exclusive designer Louisa Charlotte explains the trend: ‘Sentimental and welcoming, Memory Lane evokes a depth of hidden nostalgia. Soft, calming colour palettes favour subtle textures to gift traditional shapes with a relaxed feel. Fond memories of yesteryear are heightened whilst vintage references generate a personal touch; Let your home tell your story.’

In other words, it’s all about creating a charming vintage look in your home, drawing from the styles of yesteryear.


5 examples of Memory Lane in action


vintage wood planks tiles


In this bathroom, the subdued watercolour effect on the wall tiles helps to create that sought after antiqued finish! For similar tiles, try our Portobello Tiles. On the floor, our Vintage Wood Plank Tiles give the illusion of age, which adds character. The tub, sink and toilet all have charming period styling, which is ideal for strengthening the vintage Memory Lane look.


country cottage metro tiles


With their bumpy surface, out Country Cottage Metro Tiles instantly give a charming aged appearance, as if they’ve been there for decades, and still look as fresh and vibrant as their first day! Top tip: Add some fresh flowers to enhance the look of a vintage farmhouse scheme!


country metro tiles


Our Country Cottage Metro Tiles are very versatile – they aren’t just perfect for injecting the Memory Lane look into the bathroom, but they also work beautifully as a kitchen splashback. Group together similar complementary shades.


Explore our Memory Lane tile collection

To make welcoming this gorgeous and charming vintage trend into your home even easier, we’ve created a collection of tiles that fit in perfectly with the look! No matter which space you’re decorating, you’ll find plenty of options for transforming those wall and floor spaces in our Memory Lane tile collection.

Find out how to incorporate this trend, and our other 3 interior trends, in this fab free eBook…



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