Our Favourite Pattern Floor Tile Ideas

Patterned floor tiles are a love them or hate them kind of decision. Done right , they can be a creative focal point that welcomes character and personality to your home, but done wrong they can appear overwhelming and overbearing. Check out our list of pattern floor tile ideas to get some inspiration on what would work for you and your home!

1 – Starry-Eyed

In recent months there has been a surge in the star tile trend, and it is constantly on the up and up. We also can’t get enough! It works great in spaces that need just a little extra touch of detail and character, without overwhelming the eyes. When styled with deep tones and darker colours, they can create a whimsical and moody scheme. But, when styled using light and airy shades, they welcome a sense of rejuvenation and calm. We’ve used our Scintilla Olive Green tiles in our bathroom space, combined with white wall tiles and gold accessories to create a sense of luxury and expense. The final result of this space is welcoming and relaxing, perfect for slipping into the bath after a long day.

All white bathroom scheme with green star pattern floor tiles, complimented by luxurious marble side table.
Above, Scintilla Olive Green Star Pattern Tiles

2 – Geometric Goodness

Geometric designs can be perfect for a modern and contemporary style home. They exude characterful design and become a focal point in any room. They can be dressed to be softer and compliment a more delicate style, or can go bold with harsh colours and detailed textures to welcome a maximalist style to the home. Our Osby™ Blue tiles show off how using geometrics can be transformative for a space, also highlighting how amazing tiles can look in your living space! Osby™ comes in various colours too, so don’t hesitate to find your match if they’re calling your name!

Geometric white and blue floor tiles with detailed leafy wallpaper and grey chair styled in a living space.
Above, Osby™ Blue Patterned Porcelain Tiles

3 – Monochromatic Moods

Black and white designs are a style that is never going out of fashion. They’re easy to style and make your own, and add a sense of luxury and sophistication to your home. There’s the option to be minimal with the scheme, and introduce a third or even fourth colour to the mix, or you can go all out and commit to a full black and white scheme, We think both are equally beautiful, and it is purely down to personal choice. Our full black and white bathroom scheme exudes elegance, with bold matt black hardware complementing the style of the room perfectly.

All black and white shower space with white and black geometric pattern floor tiles and matt black accents throughout whole space.
Above, Zebra Stripe Monochrome Tiles

4 – Delicate and Dreamy

To steer away from the bold black and white styling, we would also suggest looking into something more delicate and soft. By this we mean more neutral tones and patterns, with muted colours that don’t feel ‘loud’. Louder, mote vibrant tiles may become a focal point in your space, whereas muted tones allow the rest of the room to shine and do the talking. This doesn’t mean your tiles have to be boring (although there’s no such thing in our minds!) but rather just more understated. We’ve introduced our Blossom Green Petal tiles to this hallway space. The furniture is still a focal point in the room, but the patterned flooring adds to the depth and personality it carries.

Light and airy hallway space with combination of wood and patterned flooring, white unit in hallway to compliment wood panelling on walls.
Above, Blossom Green Petals Pattern Tiles

5 – Carry onto the Walls

To create a sense of continuity and seamlessness, it is a great idea to continue the patterned tiles you’ve used across the floor up onto the walls in your space. It doesn’t necessarily have to be across all four walls, as this may feel overwhelming, but say you’ve used patterned floor tiles across the floor of your kitchen, consider using them across your splashback too, to introduce a level of sophistication. This also shows a considered space, showing you’ve not just thrown any old tile here there and everywhere. However, saying this, we also think that the fully tiled bathroom space we’ve shown is a great way of being bold and brave. Our Osby™ tiles are at it again with their versatility!

Geometric white and green pattern tiles across walls and floors of whole bathroom space. green accessories throughout the bathroom vanity area to complement.
Above, Osby™ Green Patterned Porcelain Tiles

6 – Traditionally Patterned

When we think of patterned flooring across the floor, we think of traditional floral patterns in the entryway of your front door. It’s a traditional style that always succeeds in the home, and it is timeless within interior trends. There’s a variety of different ways you can achieve that traditional Victorian look, whether it be with encaustic style tiles, or with opulent floral ones. We love the look of our Ledbury Marina Blue tiles, as they capture everything that is so beautiful about traditional schemes, while incorporating a modern navy blue theme.

Dark blue and white pattern floor tiles in entryway of home with matching navy blue metro wall tiles and navy blue front door.
Above, Ledbury Marina Blue Pattern Tiles

7 – Don’t Be Scared of Detail

Sometimes we avoid patterns that have a lot of bold detailing in them, out of fear the space will become too overbearing. We want to disprove this, and showcase how luxurious and elegant they can be. Some of our more detailed patterns include Harran, Meknes, Cynosure, and Helix, to name a few. When styled right, detail doesn’t have to be daunting. We’ve chosen our Oakham White tiles to prove our theory, with their harsh black detailing and white background, they create a monochrome dream that is packed with character. The bathroom space they’ve been used in appears hotel-like and expensive, while the tiles remain affordable!

Black and white geometric floor tiles in bathroom space with green wood wall panelling and luxurious modern white freestanding bath.
Above, Oakham White Pattern Tiles

There you have our top pattern floor tile ideas! We hope you feel inspired to get going on your latest decorating project! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your project over on Instagram, @wallsandfloors, we love seeing what you’ve been up to!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard