Styling Inspiration for our Meraki Kitt-Kat Tiles

With the recent launch of our new Meraki Kitt-Kat tiles, we thought we’d give you a bit of an insight into how we style our tiles, to ensure you, the customer, can get an idea of how they will look in your home. Meraki Kitt-Kat Tiles take inspiration from the popular mosaic style finger tiles, which have seen an incredible climb in popularity recently. They add so much depth and texture to any space, with a variety of ways to style them. Our version of these tiles are much easier and more efficient to install, in that they come as one 300×150 tile, so there’s no fiddly mosaics to deal with. Read on to find out how we style our Meraki Kitt-Kat tiles for some tile styling inspiration:

Meraki Kitt-Kat Blanco

Starting with our Meraki Kitt-Kat Blanco, this shade is a great base colour to work around your space. Our stylist has incorporated chic neutral tones throughout this bathroom design with flecks of silver running throughout. Meraki Kitt-Kat Blanco pairs incredibly well with earthier tones and textures, as showcased with the pairing of Signature Urbex Marengo Terrazzo Effect Tiles.

Meraki Kitt-Kat blanco tiles on wall with terrazzo effect tiles on floor and part of wall, styling consisting of towel, silver hardware, and small round table with plant.
Above, Meraki Kitt-Kat Blanco Wall Tiles on Wall, Signature Urbex Marengo Terrazzo Effect Tiles on wall and floor

To warm up the cooler tones that run throughout this design, our stylist has introduced gold details and warmer tones in the towel, which do a great job at keeping a sense of luxury. The overall aesthetic of this space appears incredibly elegant and refreshing, perfect for a modern bathroom.

Rust tiles along wall in bathroom with gold hardware and plants to style the space.
Above, Meraki Kitt-Kat Blanco Wall Tiles on upper half of wall, Foil Rust Metallic 60×60 Tiles on lower half of wall

To showcase our Meraki Kitt-Kat Blanco in a different light, we’ve also paired them alongside our Foil Rust Metallic 60×60 tiles, adding drama and power. This is a more adventurous style of bathroom that is bursting with character. By using darker products along the shelf, we’ve drawn the eye back onto the Meraki Kitt-Kat tile, so attention is not solely on Foil Rust Tiles. By staggering the green tones throughout this design, there are layers created in the space, so it doesn’t appear too flat and two dimensional.

Tile styling inspiration within moodboard layout showcasing tiles and grout, with plants.
Included, Signature Urbex Marengo Terrazzo Effect Tiles, Foil Rustic Metallic 60×60 Tiles, Mapei Ultracolour Plus 103 Moon White Grout

Meraki Kitt-Kat Bleu

For our Meraki Kitt-Kat Bleu design we decided to keep the colour palette very blue heavy, complimented by shades of browns and greens, creating a biophilic design. This lends itself well to that spa-like detoxing factor we very often look for in bathroom design. The tones that are used outside of the tile are kept quite muted and chic. The vibrancy within this tile injects a burst of life within the space, which cleverly energises the room. There are woods used within this design to keep things looking nice and warm, which we often find comforting and familiar. The softer accessories balance the sharper lines within this design, in the towel and airy plants that have been used.

Blue bathroom style with meraki kitt-kat bleu in wet room shower area styling with matt black shower screen.
Above, Meraki Kitt-Katt Bleu Wall Tiles on walls, Muniellos Oak Anti-Slip Wood Effect Tiles on floors

Meraki Kitt-Kat Marine

This shade of blue is heavily trendy within this style of tile at the moment, which we love! It’s a classic deep blue shade with hints of green running throughout, to create an ocean like look. To use a different setting, we’ve styled Meraki Kitt-Kat Marine into a kitchen. Our stylist has paired these tiles with a combination of World Grey paint on the walls, and Pop Blue paint on the kitchen cabinets, letting the tiles shine.

Meraki Kitt-Kat Marine dark blue tile along backsplash of kitchen styled with grey paint and navy blue kitchen cupboards. Gold accessories throughout to compliment.
Above, Meraki Kitt-Kat Marine Wall Tiles on backsplash, Pop Blue paint on kitchen cabinets, World Grey paint on wall

This colour palette allows the tiles to provide masses of tonal texture and detail throughout the design, without it becoming too over the top and maximalist, preserving a classic look within the timeless colour combinations. To add warmth to the palette, our stylist has used gold metal and wood details to lightly contrast.

Marine tile styling inspiration in moodboard format with wood textures and paint to show complimenting shades.
Included, World Grey Paint, Pop Blue Paint, Mapei Ultracolour Plus 103 Moon White Tile Grout

Meraki Kitt-Kat Turquoise

For our Meraki Kitt-Kat Turquoise tiles, we’ve introduced them to this vibrant and joyful bathroom design. The turquoise shade is lively and cheerful, which allows the rest of the design to reflect a playful energy. The shade within this tile is a perfect match for use with our Smooth Green Paint, creating a seamless scheme.

Green bathroom scheme using Meraki Kitt-Kat Turquoise, with warm wood unit and pink flowers to style the space.
Above, Meraki Kitt-Kat Turquoise Wall Tiles on backsplash, Smooth Green Paint on wall

Pink and green colour schemes have made a resurgence in popularity in recent months, and can create a truly whimsical scheme with plenty of character. We’ve taken inspiration from this trend, introducing pink through the use of plants and foliage, keeping it subtle but effective. The use of gold details throughout warms the space up, preventing it from becoming too cold and therefore uninviting.

Green tile styling inspiration in moodboard form with warm wood textures and pink foliage to compliment.
Included, Smooth Green Paint, Mapei Ultracolour Plus 103 Moon White Tile Grout

Be sure to browse our range of Meraki Kitt-Kat tiles so you can recreate these looks in your home! Tag us in pictures of how you’ve styled the range on Instagram, @wallsandfloors, for the chance to have your image featured on our website!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard