Green Bathroom Ideas

Long gone are the days of your grandmas avocado green bathroom suite, wave hello to something slightly more refreshing and exhilarating with our collection of green bathroom ideas. We’re all on the lookout for ways to add some excitement to our homes, and very often we don’t consider the bathroom as the place to do it, but it can be the ideal area to let loose! Let your creativity go wild and get planning!

Go for Playful Stripes

If you’re not afraid of bold and and daring designs in your home then explore the opportunity of adding stripes across your walls and floors. We know, sounds crazy, but take a look at our Osby Green Patterned tiles! They’re a great way of achieving this , with their light green and white diagonal design. Not only are they great for creating that dynamic striped look, you can achieve a whole range of geometric designs that are super easy and effective. The light green shade compliments a light and airy scheme, which is ideal if you’re not a fan of more harsh and vibrant shades of green.

Light green and white diagonal stripe tile on walls and floors with green bathroom accessories.
Above, Osby Green Patterned Porcelain Tiles

Go Timeless with Victorian Styles

If you’re looking to introduce something more timeless and elegant, look at deep green shades, like our Victorian Green Metros. Their striking bold colour will transport your bathroom back in time, creating a truly sophisticated look throughout the space. These tiles feature a crackle glaze and typical bevelled edge, enhancing that old Victorian aesthetic. Complement this shade of green with black and white accessories to boost the look.

Victorian green metro tiles with crackle glaze on wall behind black and white bath.
Above, Victorian Green Metro Tiles

Opt for Muted Greens

If you’re not a fan of the bold and vibrant Victorian green, try something slightly more mellow and muted. Muted greens are great for achieving a more contemporary look across the bathroom, which can be taken one step further when complimented with neutral accessories. Our Chatham Green Brick tiles offer a beautiful toned down green shade that can be used across you walls for a splash of colour, without taking all the attention away from the rest of the space.

Muted jade green metro tiles in black and white bathroom.
Above, Chatham Green Brick Tiles

Pair Green with Striking Marble

Wondering what floor tiles will look good with your new green wall tiles? Or vice versa? Green and marble compliment each other beautifully, and are great at creating an industrial scheme. Our Faith Green Wall and Floor tiles have been paired with our Signature Silvana Pearl Marble Effect tiles here, for a striking yet effective scheme, completed by black accessories and chrome hardware. The varied shades in our Faith tiles make them great for creating areas packed with texture and depth.

Deep green metro tiles with striking marble flooring and black and white bathroom scheme.
Above, Faith Green Gloss Wall and Floor Tile

Introduce Forest Greens

If you’re not a fan of the classic vibrant green shade we’ve been giving examples of, look into greens that are more forest toned, resulting in a more neutral look. These shades of green can create a deeper and earthier space, perfect for a modern scheme. Our Raku Sage Tiles work effortlessly to create plenty of texture across the space, with the tonal variation being perfectly unique across all 35 face variations. When these tiles are combined with multiple textures across the rest of the room they result in a hotel atmosphere.

Forest green bathroom metro tiles in luxurious dark bathroom.
Above, Raku Sage Tiles

Go Green with Your Accessories

If the green walls and floors aren’t your cup of tea, introduce splashes in the accessories you decide to implement. This can be easily done with things like towels, soaps, plants even, but if you’re feeling a bit more daring, implement it into your furniture. We have a selection of green Woodwork and Metal paint that is perfect for refreshing you old vanity units and radiators, bringing them a new lease of life. Go dark and moody with Hip Hop Green, or light and airy with Smooth Green.

All green bathroom with green bathroom accessories like plants and towels.
Above, Sage Green Metro Tiles

Let Loose With Contrasting Colours

It’s one thing pairing green and green together, but to be really brave and daring, try pairing green with a shade you wouldn’t normally consider for a really dynamic and unique look. This is perfect if you’re looking to create a bathroom with that ideal hotel atmosphere. We’ve used our trendy Terrazzo Hexagon Mineral Green Porcelain Tiles in conjunction with our Hope Ochre Brick Effect Wall Tiles for a spectacularly original look. The dark green from our Terrazzo is contrasted by the vibrant orange in Hope to result in this dynamic bathroom.

Green terrazzo floor tiles with vibrant orange brick shape wall tiles in geometric designs.
Above, Terrazzo Hexagon Mineral Green Porcelain Tiles

Introduce an Art Deco Flare

Art Deco style designs are making a comeback in recent interior design trends, with the reintroduction of star designs taking the design world by storm. Deeper shades of green with a hint of blue work great for this, resulting in a rich tone. Art deco styles are all about glamour and elegance, with luxurious designs used at every opportunity. Our Gatsby Forest Tiles are amazing at achieving this classic style, with their geometric star design making a true statement. We’ve paired our Gatsby tiles with wood panelling across the wall, and a marble basin, enhancing that feel of expense.

Art deco green bathroom star tiles behind sink area and across bathroom floor.
Above, Gatsby Forest Tiles

Perfectly Patterned

Patterned tiles are a timeless trend that is sure to stick around for years and years to come. Whether its a patterned wall or floor, it’s sure to make an impact. We have an impressive selection of patterned tiles on offer to our customers, and the possibilities don’t end when you filter it down to green. For a classic and traditional look, try using a floral design across the floor space, or if it’s something more modern and contemporary you’re looking for, a geometric design across the walls works wonders. Our Darlington Olive tiles do a great job of creating that homely feel across the floors while encapsulating a beautifully elegant shade of green.

Green patterned floor tiles with wood accents.
Above, Darlington Olive Pattern Tiles

We hope you’ve found some inspiration from our green bathroom ideas, and feel motivated to go get decorating! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of the results of your bathroom redesign on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors. We love seeing your projects and you might even get featured on our website!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard