Top 10 Anti Slip Tiles: Get A Grip!

Anti-slip tiles are perfect for adding extra grip to slippery floor spaces! If you’re decorating a bathroom, kitchen, or garden area (spaces that occassionally get a bit wet), we recommended installing some Anti Slip Tiles as part of your project. But there are hundreds of designs to choose from, so which is best to go for? Here’s a run-down of our top 10 anti-slip tiles…

1) Arundel Pattern Tiles

arundel pattern tiles

The trend of creating eye-catching statement floors with pattern tiles is a trend that isn’t going anywhere! Choose a tile with enough pattern, and you’ll instantly give the room all the character it could ever need. These Arundel Pattern Tiles have an encaustic effect design, which is perfect for injecting some period charm. They also boast a gripping R9 surface; perfect for kitchens and bathrooms!

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2) Rokkakkei Hexagon Tiles

rokkakkei anti slip tiles

Hexagons have been a trending shape for some time now – popping up in stylish homes up and down the country – and they’re still treasured by designers! Invite some six-sided style into your home with our Rokkakkei Hexagon Tiles. The floor tiles have a fab R9 anti-slip finish!

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3) Swoonworthy Wood Effect Tiles

swoonworthy wood effect tiles

Reclaimed woods are dominating the world of interior design right now. They pop up in furniture, worktops, and floor surfaces. These Swoonworthy Wood Effect Tiles, with their aged and painted design, are ideal for creating a characterful reclaimed-effect floor space in any room throughout the home. They have an R9 anti-slip finish.

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4) Aragon Terracotta Red Quarry Tiles

anti slip tiles

If you’re a lover of the traditional country farmhouse look, why not opt for a gorgeous rural floor design, and invite these Aragon Terracotta Red Quarry Tiles into your home? Their luscious reddish-brown hue will warm up any interior space. They have a very gripping R13 rating.

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5) Foundry Concrete Effect Tiles

foundry concrete tiles

If you flick through interior design magazines or attend home shows, you’ll likely have spotted some industrial elements popping up here and there – metal pendant lights, etc. These are thanks to the industrial trend, which have also made concrete flooring highly desirable. Of course, you might not have a concrete floor in your room – so you can create the look of one, instead, using Foundry Concrete Effect Tiles, which have an R10 anti-slip finish.

6) Coast Tiles

Above, Coast White Sands Stone Effect Tile

One of our favourite trends here at Walls and Floors is the natural look. The idea of creating a soothing naturalistic sanctuary you can come home to after a stressful day and just relax and unwind. Coast Tiles, with their luscious stone effect design and soft colour palette, are perfect for creating a relaxing scheme in a bathroom space. They have an R9 anti-slip finish.

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7) Light Wood Tiles

When decorating a room in your home, if your aim is to create a refreshed and rejuvenated look, then we have one golden tip for you: use light colours. Choosing white tiles makes a room look brighter, larger, and instantly revived! The crate-styled Vintage Wood Tiles about have a cool coastal feel to them, and they sport an R10 anti slip rating.

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8) Kuala Slate Effect Tiles

kuala tiles

If you’re a fan of the natural look and you’ll love to welcome it into your home this season, then why not opt for a gorgeous, lifelike slate effect tile? One of the most popular stone effect tiles we have on offer, these Kuala Slate Effect Tiles have a gripping riven R10 surface!

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9) Ornamental Bonsai Anti Slip Tiles

ornamental bonsai tiles

Small and versatile, these Ornamental Bonsai Tiles are among the smallest wood effect tiles we have on offer! They’re perfect for creating striking patterns, such as the eye-catching herringbone layout you can see above. They also have an R10 finish, so they’re ideal for use in bathroom spaces.

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10) Vintage Wood Plank Tiles

vintage wood plank tiles

Another realistic wood effect tile, which is ideal for injecting the natural trend into a floor space, the Vintage Wood Plank Tile can be used to transform both home and garden spaces alike! Create a gripping patio space, and have it carry on indoors, to embrace a seamless indoor outdoor transition! They have an R9 anti slip surface!

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There you have our Top 10 Anti Slip Tiles! To know which anti slip ratings work best for the space you’re decorating, visit our guide to choosing anti slip tiles.

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