Top 10 Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom is the place where we can lock ourselves away at the end of a stressful day, run a bath, and unwind! It’s important to create a relaxing but stylish decor scheme. To help achieve this, here are our Top 10 Bathroom Tiles

1) Hope Tiles

Bold blue hope elongated brick shape tiles

One stylish trend when it comes to decorating a bathroom space is to introduce a rich, light-reflecting look. Our Hope Tiles are perfect for achieving this. They have a unique shade variation and high gloss glaze, giving an aged, characterful appearance. Mix up the colours to create a gorgeous – but traditional – feature wall.

Order a free cut sample here: Hope Tiles

2) Cappella Marble Effect Tiles

pickett heaxagon tiles with cappella marble effect white tiles

The idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ is probably the most prominent trend right now, and this natural look works perfectly in bathroom spaces. Introducing gorgeous natural stones into the bathroom and shower space instantly creates a soothing, spa-styled scheme. We’re sure you’ll agree, these Cappella Gloss Carrara Marble Effect Tiles match perfectly with our Pickett Bevelled Mint tiles!

Order a free cut sample here: Capella Marble Effect Tiles, Pickett™ Bevelled Tiles

3) Metro Tiles

white flat metro brick shaped tiles

When it comes to bathroom tiles, there is one stand-out classic: the metro tile! Originating in the Parisian metropolitan, these bevelled brick-shaped beauties have firmly stapled themselves into the world of interior design. These Chalk Farm White Metro Tiles are a popular choice for bathroom spaces – but you can also add extra interest by mixing with black metros and patterned tiles.

Order a free cut sample here: Metro Flat 200×100 Tiles

4) Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles

reclaimed wood effect blue tiles

Reclaimed wood is a huge trend right now. It’s re-purposed wood that has been salvaged from one location and has been reused to create furniture or a surface covering elsewhere. Often a mish-mash of different textures, and regularly containing painted pieces, a reclaimed wood wall or floor is full of character and personality.

Made from porcelain, our Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles have a mixed colour palette and a charming reclaimed effect. They’re perfect for creating a feature wall in a bathroom area!

Order a free cut sample here: Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles

5) Deluxe Marble Effect Tiles

deluxe marble effect tiles black and white gloss finish

Remember that natural look we touched on earlier? The most desirable type of natural stone is marble. Its gorgeous contrasting veining makes it a hit with designers and homeowners all across the world. But it can be costly, and it requires constant treatment and maintenance. That’s why marble effect tiles are a fab, zero-effort choice. Our range of Deluxe Marble Effect Tiles has both wall and floor options.

Order a free cut sample here: Deluxe Tiles

6) Plush Crackle Tiles

plush crackle tiles in teal elongated brick effect rich glaze

If you love the brick look, but you don’t fancy plain white metro tiles, then how about some bright teal tones instead? With a crackled glazed that gives an aged, vintage appearance, these Plush Azulado Teal Crackle Craze Tiles are perfect for injecting some colour into a bathroom.

Order a free cut sample here: Plush Crackle Tiles

7) Ledbury Patterned Tiles

Ledbury blue and white pattered tiles

One way to instantly refresh the look of a bathroom is to create a statement floor. Patterned tiles are perfect for this, as they create such a striking feature that the rest of the room’s decor and furnishings can be plainer (and less expensive). For a charming, vintage-styled encaustic effect look, try our Ledbury Tiles!

Order a free cut sample here: Ledbury Tiles

8) Cement Tiles

cement concrete effect pale beige tiles

Marble effect tiles aren’t for everybody, so if you want to create a natural look, but you’d like a more traditional stone effect design, try these Cement Tiles! They come in a mix of soft and subtle colours with a decor option that’s great for adding texture.

Order a free cut sample here: Cement Tiles

9) Terrazzo Hexagon Tiles

terrazzo hexagon green tiles

Hexagons are a prominent shape in the world of interior design, and so are terrazzo patterns. Mix the two together and what do you have? One hell of a striking bathroom splashback! These Terrazzo Hexagon Tiles are available in three stunning colour palettes to help you create a bold and unique look in your home.

Order a free cut sample here: Terrazzo Hexagon Tiles

10) Muniellos Wood Effect Tiles

muniellos white wood effect bathroom anti slip tiles

For a gorgeous (and very on-trend) Scandi-styled look in your bathroom, it’s all about white wood effects to create a light and luscious scheme. These Muniellos Light Oak Anti-Slip Wood Effect Tiles have a gripping anti-slip finish, which is great when you’re stepping in and out of the bath with wet feet!

Order a free cut sample here: Muniellos Wood Effect Tiles

So there you have it – our top 10 bathroom tiles!

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