Top 10 UK Interior Design Blogs to Follow

Here at Walls and Floors, we’re mad about providing you with the best materials and advice to create your dream home. There are so many bloggers and influencers out there with great style advice, and we’ve put together a few of our favourite top interior design blogs to get you inspired!

Check out their blogs and Instagram pages for style and design tips to inspire your inner DIYer.

1. Mad About the House

Of course, at the top of our list is the UK’s #1 interior design blogger, Mad About the House. Owner Kate Watson-Smyth is an award-winning writer and journalist who describes her style as ‘Urban Glamour’ and her blog as ‘a sourcebook for modern living’.

Here are a few of our favourite posts from her blog:

The Househunter: Colour Drenching

How to Plan a Tiny Bathroom

My philosophy? Your home should tell your story. It should make your heart sing when you open the front door. I would sum it up like this: Something old, something new, something black, something gold. And always some natural wood. And when I say gold I mean any metallic.

Mad About the House

2. Sophie Robinson

If you’re partial to vibrant colours and bold patterns, then you’ll love interior designer and TV judge Sophie Robinson and her quirky style! Sophie has been part of The Great Interior Design Challenge, DIY SOS and Alan Carr’s Interior Design Masters.

Here are a few of our favourite posts from her blog:

How to Design a Cosy Bathroom

How to Decorate with New Neutrals

My mission is to give you the confidence and inspire you to have a vibrant, fascinating and original home which reflects who you are.

Sophie Robinson

3. British Style UK

Owner Natalia Alexandrou is an interior design blogger who writes tips and reviews, providing inspiration to her followers. She likes to champion bold and brave interiors whilst keeping comfort and functionality in mind.

I believe that regardless of budget a beautiful home is one that reflects your own personal style as well as functions well for all who live there.

British Style UK

4. Oh So Kel

Kel Harmer is a home and lifestyle blogger who empowers women to love their homes every day through exciting, versatile and uplifting decor. She is the award-winning ‘queen of accessible joyful chic style’ and one of Business Insider’s ‘Exciting Entrepreneurs of 2020’.

Here are a few of our favourite posts from her blog:

5 Tips for Adding Personality to Your Home Decor

Set the Scene with Bold Wallpaper

Kel’s visions and concepts are unique and beautiful when it comes to designing and styling – she has an impeccable eye for detail and thrives on giving people the tools, ideas, inspiration and belief that they can create stunning and successful decor using touches of DIY and creativity that doesn’t break the bank.

Oh So Kel

5. The Design Sheppard

Freelance design writer and blogger Stacey Sheppard is the award-winning owner of the interior design blog The Design Sheppard. Her posts on furniture, lighting, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms and wallcoverings have people absolutely flocking to her blog (sorry, we couldn’t resist!)

Here are a few of our favourite posts from her blog:

How to Get the Wooden Panelling Look Without the Hassle

This is How to Entertain Outdoors in Style this Summer

[…] I have become an avid follower of the design world and I have developed a real passion for residential interior design in particular.

The Design Sheppard

6. Design Hunter

Award-winning home and lifestyle blogger Helen Powell is an interiors writer and stylist who offers a stylish view of beautiful spaces and places through a carefully created edit of news, finds and inspiration. We love her dreamy Instagram page @designhunter_uk – so luxurious!

Here are a few of our favourite posts from her blog:

5 Style Hacks for Small Spaces

What I Learned About My Home During Lockdown

Design Hunter reflects Helen’s love of objects that are simple and honest in their design and use of materials, and her belief that the things we choose to live with should help create a home that is inviting, restful and a place of sanctuary.

Design Hunter

7. Home Ideology

Lydia is an interior designer and digital creator who inspires people through her DIY videos and creative content. She describes her style as contemporary classic with a hint of glamour.

Here are a few of our favourite posts from her blog:

Time to Blush! Not Cheeks – We’re Talking Home!

How to Decorate a Bedroom Like a Pro

With years of experience transforming homes and decorating her home, she believes anything is possible if you have the right guidance, confidence and a little help along the way.

Home Ideology

8. Interior Style Hunter

London based owner Grant Pierrus is an award-winning luxury interior design and lifestyle blogger who believes that everyone should have access to good design, sharing its elements and principles with his readers so that they can make their spaces better.

Exploring brands is something that I’m passionate about. I love to dig around and uncover a brand’s DNA. […] As an interiors writer, I see that as my responsibility to you, to discover, showcase and uncover brands. To help you explore the plethora of brands and craftsmen out there, and to help you find a brand which offers a style and service that resonates with you.

Interior Style Hunter

9. Don’t Cramp My Style!

Owner Anna Lysik is an interior designer, aspiring interior stylist and award-winning blogger. Her blog consists of space inspirations, practical interior guides and rental advice based on her own experience.

Here are a few of our favourite posts from her blog:

10 Garden Style Ideas to Maximise your Privacy from Neighbours

15 Modern Interior Design Styles: From Scandinavian to Bohemian

You can find here not only a beautiful space inspirations but also loads of practical interior guides and rental advises based on my experience.

Don’t Cramp My Style

10. Kate Beavis

‘Nostalgic design for modern living’ is writer, speaker, brand ambassador, and interior design blogger Kate Beavis’ motto! Her blog won runner up in the 2017 Amara Interior Awards and it was a finalist in the 2015 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. She is also the Bedfordshire Business Woman of the Year 2019 (talk about achievements!)

Check out her book: Style Your Modern Vintage Home (a guide to buying, restoring and styling from the 1920s to the 1990s)

Here are a few of our favourite posts from her blog:

Five Simple Tips For An Instant “Green” Eco Home

How To Be Your Own Handyman/Woman For Your Home Maintenance (Even If You’re A DIY Newbie!)

I love fashion and am often seen wearing a 1960s dress on the school run. My vintage handbag is the envy of many and was even featured in Homes and Antiques magazine. I believe in living life with integrity, ensuring my handbag always matches my shoes and start my days with a hot lemon and ginger!

Kate Beavis
Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson