Walls and Floors at the Ideal Home Show 2019

For the sixth time running, our tiles have been featured throughout the ideal home show! Here are are the places you’ll have spotted our designs at the show this year.

The Cocooning Kitchen

We designed our very own kitchen room sets at this year’s Ideal Home Show. One of them is called The Cocooning Kitchen: An antidote to the workday blues and it’s all about escaping from the technological world and creating a cosy relaxation space where you can wind down and recuperate.

On the walls are the Abyssal Tiles from our Vernice range, which is our Tile Collection of the year! These square wall tiles are made from ceramic and have a charming handmade appearance. They have a rich glaze, bumpy surface and raw edging. In the Cocooning Kitchen, they’re been installed in a diamond pattern to add a touch more luxury!

The highly glamorous and voguish look of this kitchen space demands a luxury styled floor! This is provided in the form of our teak styled Antoinette Parquet Cherry Jewel Wood Tiles. Though they’re made from durable porcelain, they have the appearance of a skilfully carpentered ornate parquet floor, which you might find in a stately home.

Who said wood effect tiles need to go on the floor? The walls to the other side of the room are cladded with our gorgeous Ocean Teal Tiles. They’re part of our Nyans Collection, which contains wood effect designs in colours that aren’t quite typical of wood such as pinks and blues! Alive with a realistic wood grain design and framed with Bright Brass Trims, they add a real pop of luxury to this kitchen space.

The Clean Living Kitchen

At this year’s Ideal Home Show, we were lucky enough to design two of our very own kitchen room sets! One of them was called The Clean Living Kitchen. Described as, ‘a place to gather your daily mind set.’ It’s designed to bring together all of today’s healthiest trends – diet, fitness, mental stimulation and well-being, and it uses glossy surfaces to amplify natural daylight to boost happiness and increase productivity.

The breakfast bar is decorated with a patchwork of colours from our Dollymix Terrazzo Effect Tiles collection. Traditional terrazzo consists of chips of stones pressed into a bed of cement. These terrazzo-look tiles have these same speckled appearance, and come in a variety of colours including pinks and teals, as used in this Clean Living Kitchen!

When it comes to creating a relaxing, wholesome and natural look, stones are always a popular choice. On account of its attractive and decorative veining, marble is a stone that’s very on trend. It does often require sealing, though, so for a zero maintenance alternative, marble effect tiles are a great option. We used Porosha Matt Marble Tiles in the Clean Living Kitchen at the Ideal Home Show! They’re alive with veining.

No room that tries to create a soothing, back-to-nature, escapist look could ever been complete without some wood effect surfaces! Made from durable porcelain, these Tiveden Beige Wood Effect Tiles have a soft-touch glaze, so they’re softer underfoot than traditional tiles. They have a gorgeous golden tone and a lifelike wood grain design.

If you visited the show, your eye might have been caught by this striking textured feature wall! Using our wonderful Wimbledon White Curve Matt Tiles, these large format wall tiles have a 3D undulating design, with glossy curved shapes advancing out of the tile. The shadowing completely changes their appearance, so as the natural light changes throughout the day, so does the look of your wall.

Prince William and Kate’s Living Room / Garden

Our favourite Good Homes Room Set this year is the stunning Prince William and Kate Living Room / Garden set. A colourful family living room with plenty of fun for the kids leads out into a Moroccan-styled garden space that the adults can enjoy! This room set perfectly encapsulates the indoor / outdoor seamless living trend.

The garden space has a real Mediterranean feel. From the colourful patterned Gosford Tiles through to the fern plant, ritzy candle lantern, simplistic wooden table, and Moroccan drinks tray, and the backdrop of Natural Wood Split Face Tiles, it has a gorgeous Arabesque feel, which is perfect for those summertime garden parties.

A rich mix of yellows, reds, blues, blacks and whites, these Yellow Gosford Tiles actually belong to our Victorian collection. They’re made from clay, so they’re high quality, durable and long lasting. As well as creating a vintage look in your home or garden, they’re also perfect as a Moroccan-themed base, as you can see in these pictures.

Behind the rattan sofa, sitting beneath the wall of foliage, is a skim of Natural Wood Split Face Tiles. Their yellowish tone means they go perfectly with the patterned tiles on the floor. They’re made from strips of natural wood of different lengths and thicknesses; bonded together to create this characterful, staggered, multi-levelled surface.

The mix of tones and textures really helps these tiles to tell a story! They look like they’re full of age and history, with reach re-purposed piece coming from a different place.

Through a set of bay doors, at the same level as the garden space, is the charming family-friendly living space! It carries on some of the garden’s Mediterranean influences with its abundance of colourful patterned rugs and cushion assortment.

Throughout the living room, our Larice Anti-Slip Plank Tiles are used on the floor spaces. They have a perfect likeness of natural wood, but they don’t require ongoing treatment and maintenance, and they don’t scratch, mark and stain as easily, either – which is perfect if you’ve got boisterous children running around, or family pets.

Our interview with Good Homes Magazine Editor Karen Walker

Prince Harry and Meghan’s Kitchen / Diner

One of the most colourful Good Homes Room Sets at the Ideal Home Show 2019 is certainly the Meghan and Prince Harry Kitchen / Diner space. With a glamorous nod to Meghan’s Hollywood past, this open-plan kitchen diner pushes boundaries in design and colour!

Without a doubt, the main focal point in this room is the colourful tiled splashback. This uses two colours from our brand new range of Craquelure Glaze Tiles. These brick shaped ceramic tiles have a crackled finish, which gives a charming and characterful aged appearance to the wall space.

In this kitchen space, two very on-trend colours of tile have been mixed together to create an exciting and lively cocktail! The first is the Craquelure Rose Tile, which has a fresh pink tone – very trendy right now in the world of interior design.

The other is the Craquelure Living Coral tile. This is styled after Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2019. An authority on colour, Pantone sets one tone each year, which is then used throughout fashion and interior design. So if you like being up to date with trends, this tile is perfect for bringing a very current colour into your home.

Our interview with Good Homes Magazine Editor Karen Walker

Prince Charles and Camilla’s Boot Room

Described by Good Homes Magazine as a ‘grown up living room,’ we absolutely love their Prince Charles and Camilla Boot Room set at Ideal Home Show 2019! It’s a charming country lounge that leads through into a handy boot room, which features our Manor House Chenies Stone Tiles.

The perfect space for readying yourself before or after leaving the home, a boot room is the place for stashing footwear and coats! It’s that ‘inbetween’ zone that separates the outdoors to the cosier and plusher parts of your home – where all the mud and leaves are left to stay – particularly if you love rambling, or if you have dogs that like to get nice and muddy.

For this reason, a boot room calls for a hardy flooring option that lasts well and is easy to clean! That’s where tiles come in handy!

For this room, Good Homes Magazine chose our wonderfully rich and warm Manor House Chenies Stone Tiles. They have a realistic stone effect design with a characterful worn appearance. Because they’re made from porcelain, they’re extremely sturdy and long lasting!

Because these tiles are brick shaped, the layout options open up massively! As you can see in these pictures, Good Homes opted for a striking herringbone pattern, which really injects interest into the room!

Our interview with Good Homes Magazine Editor Karen Walker

The Queen’s En Suite

Your throne awaits! For the most regal and stately bathroom space you’ve ever seen, look no further than The Queen’s En Suite – one of the Good Homes Magazine Room Sets at the Ideal Home Show 2019.

As a base to this beautiful room, Good Homes Magazine have used our charming Helix Sage Tiles to create a patterned statement floor! Inspired by plants, this tile creates a botanical look in a room, and it has a slightly weathered and rustic appearance.

The walls are lined with our Vernice Hydrilla Tiles. The Vernice Tiles range is our Tile Collection of the Year 2019. It’s a set of luxury ceramic wall tiles with a handmade appearance, raw edging and a rich glaze. The tones vary slightly from tile to tile, which gives a truly characterful span across a wall space.

Our interview with Good Homes Magazine Editor Karen Walker

The Evolving Home

If you visited the Ideal Home Show, you’ll definitely have spotted the show home at its centre! Called The Evolving Home, it’s the biggest show home yet, and it focuses around modular living. As you step between its many rooms, you’ll see that each room, though bright and spacious, is styled completely differently; giving each space its own identity, and yet they all flow together perfectly.

Our tiles were featured in several of the rooms…

The pink bathroom

This pretty pink bathroom definitely captured a lot of attention at the show! It uses our White Gloss 15×15 Tiles to create that trending gridded look. The designers added some pink pigment to white tile grout to give the joints that wonderful pink tone. They did the same on the floor, which uses our Gloss Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles.

The patterned blue bathroom

From its dark blue panelling on the walls to its use of plant life, this bathroom space radiates colour. On the floor, it uses our patterned Renkli Tiles to complete its colourful statement. These tiles have a decorative Moroccan appearance, and they effortlessly inject some of the Mediterranean’s vibrant flavour into any room.

Industrial vintage bathroom

This vintage industrial bathroom space has a much darker, moodier, and more vintage-styled scheme. On the walls, you’ll find our Charcoal Black Quarry Tiles, which are alive with traditionalist rustic character. Beneath them, our eye-catching patterned Scintilla Sapphire Tiles adorn the floor, where their antiqued appearance and popular star-shaped pattern creates a powerful and impactful statement.

Spa Styled Bathroom

The Spa Styled Bathroom is one of the Good Homes Magazine sets at the Ideal Home Show 2019. Its neutral colour palette promotes a relaxed sense of well-being, and the use of natural textures gives a strong Hygge feel. Our tiles were used on the walls and floors in this wonderful room…

On the walls, the Vernice Cloud Tiles from our Tile Collection of the Year have been used. With a mix of shades than vary slightly from colour to colour, raw edging, and a bumpy undulating surface, these tiles have a vintage-styled handcrafted look which injects plenty of charm and character into this relaxing bathroom space. They have a rich glossy glaze that plays with the light as you walk around the room.

The floors of the bathroom use our Arcadia Salt Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Made from 70% limestone, our offering of luxury vinyl tiles is incredible durable and rigid compared to others on the market. The edges click together effortlessly, forming a water-tight seal. They form a floating floor, which means no adhesive is required – simply lay them onto some underlay. Best of all, our luxury vinyl tiles can be cut to size with a utility knife; making installation quick and easy.