How To Tile Videos from Walls and Floors

A brand new range of helpful How To Tile videos

Walls and Floors have  just launched a series of handy How To Tile videos on YouTube and their website. If you’re doing a spot of tiling, give them a watch! They give quick and easy step-by-step instructions. Their professional tiler takes you through the process of tiling walls, floors, bathrooms, and kitchens. He also shows you how to grout wall tiles and floors tiles, and how to lay, treat and protect natural stone tiles. There’s even a video showing you how to lay underfloor heating.

A closer look at the videos…

So what does this new selection of How To Tile videos from Walls and Floors actually have to offer? Let’s drill down into it, and assess each video…

 1) How To Tile A Floor

Bringing some life into those drab, dreary floors? This video takes you through the process of floor tiling. From planning and marking out your tiles, through to applying the adhesive, and finishing up with grout. It also suggests the best products to use for the job.

2) How To Tile A Bathroom

Doing up the bathroom? Ordered your tiles from Walls and Floors? Now it’s time to get tiling! This helpful step-by-step video takes you through the process of tiling your bathroom walls and floors; from the planning and preparation, through to the application and grouting. The tiler even shows you how to easily add underfloor heating.

3) How To Tile A Shower

So it’s time to do up the shower area or cubicle? You’ve come to the right place! This handy guide from Walls and Floors offers step-by-step instruction on how to do a fantastic job. Starting with waterproofing the area, going through to putting up your tiles, grouting, and finally sealing.

4) How To Tile A Wall

Add some character to your walls with some stylish new tiles! This useful video from Walls and Floors shows you how to tile a wall; from marking out the tiles, to applying the adhesive and grouting the tile joints.

5) How To Tile A Kitchen

Doing up the kitchen? This guide from Walls and Floors is the perfect watch for you! It takes you through the planning and preparation required for a wall tiling job, before going on to the process of applying the tiles to the wall, and grouting them for a perfect finish.

6) How To Grout A Floor

So you’ve got your tiles in place on the floor. Now it’s time to grout them. The polite and friendly tiler from Walls and Floors shows you how to grout your floor tiles in this easy, step-by-step guide.

7) How To Grout A Wall

If you’ve followed the How To Tile A Wall video, then you’ve been left with your tiles stuck to the wall – and they’re now ready to be grouted. After suggesting the perfect grout to use for the job, the helpful and professional tiler from Walls and Floors takes you through the process of applying the grout to your wall tiles.

8) How To Lay Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating adds a unique, cutting-edge touch to your home. It’s inexpensive, and extremely luxurious on cold nights. In this simple and straightforward instruction guide from Walls and Floors, the tiler takes you through the process of laying Underfloor Heating in your home. From priming, through to sticking down the insulation boards, laying the heating cables, and eventually covering with a levelling compound. It leaves you in the perfect position to tile over your brand new Underfloor Heating!

9) How To Cut Tiles

Whilst fitting your brand new tiles, it’s likely that at some point you’ll have to cut some of them. This video from Walls and Floors takes you through the best methods for cutting tiles, and suggests the best tools to use.

10) How To Tile with Natural Stone

Tiling with natural stone is slightly different that with any other material. This video takes you through the process of planning and preparing your tiles, applying the adhesive, grouting, and eventually treating and protecting your tiles.


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