What Makes Trepanel® So Good? The Benefits of Wood Slat Wall Panels

Are you looking to revamp your interior space with a touch of elegance and warmth? Look no further! Our Trepanel® wood slat wall panels offer an exceptional blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Available in a wide variety of sizes, formats and stunning shades, these wood panels are designed to infuse your space with a natural, yet contemporary vibe. So sit back and relax as we explain the benefits of wood slat wall panels, and why Trepanel® are the best of the best!

– Fully Veneered Slats For a Completed Look

Every detail counts when it comes to the quality finish of wood slat wall panels. Unlike some other companies that only veneer the front face of their wood slats, our panels are meticulously crafted with fully veneered slats, ensuring a luxurious and cohesive look from every angle. The veneer, featured on all three visible sides of each slat from top to bottom, not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also guarantees a complete and refined final appearance, enhancing the Trepanel®’s aesthetic appeal.

– Real Wood Veneer Welcoming Natural Elegance

Each of our Trepanel® wood slat wall panels boasts a stunning real wood veneer, bringing the authentic texture, rich colour variation and unique grain pattern of wood directly in your home. This isn’t just any wood; it’s premium quality, sourced responsibly from FSC certified forests, ensuring your stylish choice is also an environmentally friendly one. Many manufacturers opt for alternative methods of creating that natural wood look, like synthetic veneers or laminate that may discolour or wear over time, but we aim to offer only the best for our customers with Trepanel®’s real wood veneered slats!

Close up of a walnut wood slat panel with alternating light and dark brown shades, showcasing the natural wood grain texture, perfect for modern interior design or architectural backgrounds, highlighting some of the benefits of using wood slat wall panels.
Above, Trepanel® Walnut Brown Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

– Versatility with Trepanel®’s Shape and Size Options

What sets Trepanel® apart is our exceptional range of shapes and sizes, catering to every design need, From the expansive elegance of our full length 2400x600mm panels, perfect for creating a striking feature wall, to our handy half size 1200x600mm panels that are ideal for smaller areas or creating a unique bed headboard. For those looking for a touch of symmetry and geometric flair, our square 600x600mm format offers endless creative possibilities. For a distinct aesthetic, our wide slat wood panels are the go-to choice, adding a modern twist to the classic slat design.

– A Spectrum of Shades and Designs

Unlike many others on the market, Trepanel® offers a breath-taking array of colours and designs to fit any aesthetic. From the warmth and richness of natural wood shades to the contemporary elegance of cool-toned greys and blacks, there’s a hue for every mood. Embrace a further splash of creativity with our vibrant range of blues and greens, perfect for adding a bold statement to your decor. The design styles are just as diverse, featuring a classic wood grain to bring a touch of nature indoors, chic chevron designs for a modern twist, and unique mottled wood for an artistic flair.

Elegant contemporary bedroom interior featuring a wood slat wall panels with a geometric grey design, complemented by a plush grey armchair and a cosy bed with grey and white bedding.
Above, Trepanel® Ash Square Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

– DIY Friendly One Person Installation

Unlike many other heavier alternatives, our lightweight wood slat wall panels are a dream for DIY enthusiasts, designed specifically for easy, one person installation. Wave goodbye to bulky setups and hello to a seamless, stress-free installation. Whether you’re a pro at DIY or just starting out, you’ll find the installation a breeze. With the help of our handy how to install wood slat panels guide, your Trepanel® dream is easy to reach! Choose your preferred method: simply screw the panels directly into the wall for a sturdy fit, or opt for our specifically formulated panel adhesive for a quick, mess free application.

Minimalist hallway design with a walnut wide acoustic wood panel wall, a round mirror reflecting a green plant, beside a sleek bench adorned with a vase of pink flowers and a green throw blanket, creating a sense of serene ambience.
Above, Trepanel® Walnut Brown Wide Slat Acoustic Wood Panels

– Hassle Free Maintenance – No Oiling Required

Our panels arrive at your doorstep pre-oiled, radiating warmth and sophistication right out of the box. This was a priority for us when manufacturing our wood panels, as a lot of other companies don’t offer this! This means you can skip the messy and time-consuming process of oiling, a common hassle elsewhere. Our ready to install panels not only save you time, but also ensure a consistent, professional finish every time. With Trepanel®, achieving that perfect shade and look is as simple as their installation – no extra unnecessary steps required.

Detail shot of modern matt black wooden acoustic panels with visible wood textures and grooves, ideal for soundproofing and adding a sleek, sophisticated design element to any interior design.
Above, Trepanel® Noir Black Wide Acoustic Wood Panel

– Quiet Elegance with Trepanel®’s Soundproofing Qualities

Not only do these panels add a touch of elegance to any room, but they also boast exceptional soundproofing qualities. When correctly installed with fibreglass wool or rock wool snuggly tucked between wall battens, Trepanel® wall panels work wonders in muffling external noise. This creates a tranquil environment perfect for relaxation or concentration. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your home office for better focus, or seeking a peaceful living area, our wood slat wall panels are your go-to solution for combining style with practicality.

Warm and inviting nursery room with oak acoustic wall slat panels and grey felt, featuring a white crib with a rainbow patterned blanket, a comfortable armchair, and a playful giraffe toy on a rainbow shaped rug, all under a macrame wall hanging.
Above, Trepanel® Oak Acoustic Wood Slat Panels on Grey Felt

– Crafted For Lasting Durability

Each panel features a robust felt backing, ensuring not only a premium finish but also enhanced durability. Crafted from high-quality, resilient MDF wood, these slats are designed to withstand the test of time, outperforming many other options in the market. Trepanel®’s commitment to superior strength means you can enjoy the warm, inviting aesthetic of wood slats without worrying about wear and tear. Whether it’s for a cosy living room or a high traffic hallway, Trepanel® wood slats offer reliable, long-lasting beauty that sets them apart from the rest.

Stylish corner of a modern bedroom featuring a textured walnut wide acoustic panel wall, with a chic side table holding a classic lamp and a book, creating a sophisticated and tranquil reading nook.
Above, Trepanel® Walnut Brown Half Wall Wood Slat Panels

– Refined Yet Affordable

At Walls and Floors we’re proud of being able to offer Trepanel® at prices that are not just competitive, but irresistibly budget friendly, ensuring that every household can enjoy a touch of luxury. Our Trepanel® wood slat wall panels are not only a testament to top notch craftmanship, but also an accessible choice for everyone who desires to elevate their home decor without breaking the bank. Experience the perfect blend of elegance and affordability and see how our Trepanel® wood slat wall panels can bring a warm, sophisticated charm to your interiors within your budget.

Chic living room with a dynamic oak square acoustic wood slat panel wall in a herringbone pattern, a dark sofa with a green throw and tropical pillow, a stylish floor lamp, and modern decor, creating an inviting and trendy atmosphere.
Above, Trepanel® Oak Square Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

Trepanel® wood slat wall panels are not just an aesthetic delight, but a practical choice for any home design. Their unique blend of style, durability and eco-friendliness makes them an excellent choice for those seeking to enhance their interior design with a touch of nature. Be sure to tag us in pictures of Trepanel® in your home over on Instagram if we’ve inspired you with the benefits of wood slat wall panels, @Wallsandfloors. We love seeing them in your home, and your image might be featured on our website!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard