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Anti-Slip Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

It’s inevitable that with any normal use of the bath tub or shower cubicle floors become wet and slippery and wet. This is even more so with kids or the elderly who have less mobility. The same goes for wet rooms or the areas around swimming pools. The water drips from your body and gathers in big pools on the surface below. If you've used lino or plain, smooth tiles in the past you will have the experience to know that these floors need careful steps to avoid accidents. You wouldn’t have an ice rink in your home so why have equally treacherous floors? Make your floors safe for all with the help of some anti-slip tiles? You can then enjoy the peace of mind that comes with near certainty of safety in the bathroom. There’s no high price barrier to use non slip tiles and there are plenty of stylish options to choose from.
Hundreds of designs and styles
When you hear the words anti-slip or non-slip, you tend to think of the grim, grey, gritty tiles from the last generation of swimming pool changing rooms. But that really is a bygone era and today there's a whole world of stylish anti-slip tiles for you to discover! Different materials, different colours, shapes and sizes - different textures and grades.

The possibilities are simply endless!
Slate effect tiles offer a great anti slip surface. They're also very chic and modern and will not only completely transform the look of your floors but give the entire room an airy feel. Kuala tiles are made from high quality porcelain and are very durable; perfect for the heavy foot traffic you get traipsing in and out of a bathroom. These anti-slip tiles perfectly resemble slate and offer an extremely realistic effect. That's a lot of grip even for anti-slip tiles! Ideal for bringing charm and character to those damp, moist floors- whether it's in the bathroom or the wet room-they come in three eye-pleasing colours, ranging from a deep, hypnotic Antracita purple, through to a rich Crema cream. Alternatively, bring your bathroom floor to life with the help of our River Pebble tiles. How about a collection of beautiful, shimmering pebbles in a mosaic arrangement? They will bring non-slip qualities and a beautiful look! They resemble the natural beauty of a river bed.

The appeal of quarry tiles
Made from natural clay, quarry tiles have a gritty, grainy, anti-slip surface. They will bring a traditional, rustic effect to your home. They're available in a selection of gorgeous natural colours, so you can choose which one best matches the feel of your room. Perhaps some dark, suave Aragon Charcoal quarry tiles? They have a lovely silky shine and will really catch the eye of your guests. On the other hand, traditional red quarry tiles bring a lovely, homely warmth into the room. It will brighten up dark floorboards, whilst at the same time giving you that added grip for extra safety in the bathroom or wet room. Ferrolite quarry tiles are a high quality choice when it comes to choosing red clay tiles. Need a helping hand tiling the bathroom floor? Take a look at our step by step how to tile a floor video from Walls and Floors.