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There’s nothing nicer on a warm Spring, Summer or Autumn evening than sitting outside in the garden with a nice cold drink – talking with a loved one until the sun goes down. It helps, of course, having somewhere nice to sit, such as a patio area. But when it comes to renovating your patio area after a harsh and neglectful winter, we bet tiles aren’t your first thought. We bet you’re measuring up for wooden decking, or for ghastly and unsightly paving slabs. Well, we’re here to give you an affordable, stylish, low-maintenance alternative to the usual suspects.  Browse our selection of external / outdoor tiles – perfect for refreshing those garden spaces, ready for the warmer months. 

Anti slip tiles 

At Walls and Floors, due to fact we’re first choice for a lot of bathroom projects (where the floors get rather slippery), we’ve amassed a fantastic selection of anti slip tiles. In case the name isn’t immediately obvious, anti-slip tiles have generally gruffer surfaces, to offer more grip in wet circumstances. Porcelain anti-slip tiles are perfectly suitable for use outdoors; which instantly widens the choice of designs, when it comes to creating a patio area. 

The décor tile from our Kingdom range consists of a patchwork of captivating Moroccan patterns and designs. It has a gripping anti slip finish and it’s made from porcelain. In summary? It’s perfect for creating a statement floor feature in your garden, and certainly looks a lot more interesting than a grid of concrete slabs. 

Wood effect tiles: The perfect alternative to decking 

Decking is a popular choice when it comes to crafting patio areas outdoors. But at Walls and Floors, we often find ourselves wondering ‘why?’ For one thing, the cost of all that wood soon adds up. Then there’s the skilful craft of joining it all together and making it level. Then there comes the constant staining and treating of the wood, since the sun bleaches it terrible. And then – once you’ve gone through all that hassle – you’re left with something that’s incredibly slippery and dangerous when it gets wet. 

We understand the appeal of introducing a wooden scheme into the garden, however. Wood is a nice, natural option, so it’s a good fit for an outdoor space – and it’s alive with texture, so it break up the area visually, too. However, to achieve the wood effect, you don’t need to put yourself through the endless bother of choosing real wooden decking. Instead, create a patio area using some of our wood effect tiles! 

Thanks to advancements at the production end, wood effect tiles look more realistic than ever before. They are riddled with textures grooves, lifelike woodgrain, and raised knots! For an ultra-stylish patio, browse our Vintage Wood Planks range, and choose from the anti slip options. Alternatively, for a break away from rectangular, plank-shaped tiles, try our Vintage Wood Tiles. Part of our Louisa Charlotte Collection, these square floor tiles have a crate effect design; perfect for piecing together a parquet floor display in your garden. They, too, have anti slip options. 

Natural look 

Since you’re renovating your outdoor spaces, it only makes sense that the introduction of natural products should be a consideration. At Walls and Floors, we have hundreds of natural tiles to choose from – mostly suitable for external use. For example, our pebble mosaic tiles would really help to inject some character and interest into a plain floor patch. They consist of natural, smooth pebbles; fished out of a river, and arranged onto mesh sheets, reading for tiling. They’re perfect for creating a bumpy, textured appearance. 

Alternatively, quarry tiles are also fine to use in outdoor areas. The rich browns and terracottas will really help to add some warmth into the colour scheme of your garden – raising the visual temperature, even in the chilliest of months. When the sun is shining on a floor of quarry tiles, you’ll think you’re lounging outside your very own Spanish villa. 

For a darker, edgier look, try using our Altican Slate Tiles. Slate has a gorgeous natural sheen, and will give the kiss of life to your patio area, whilst its textured, layered surface helps add some visual variety. 

Dress up those walls 

Enough about those floor spaces! Time to turn the attention to those wall areas. If you’re tired of looking at the flaking paint of a garden wall, or the dated pebbledash on the face of your home, blast it all off, and put in place some external wall tiles. 

Our splitface tiles are ideal for use as wall cladding. They consist of strips of natural slate cut to different heights, widths, and depths, and arranged to create a staggered, multi-levelled design. When added to an exterior wall, they create a textured, eye-catching appearance; adding extra kerb appeal (if at the front of your house) or acting as a garden party conversation starter (if at the rear of your property). 

Alternatively, if you’re cursed with plain walls and you prefer bare brick, then you can create your own brick effect design by introducing our Old Millhouse Brick Effect Tiles. They consist of a weathered brick effect design; ideal for creating the illusion of an exposed brick wall where there isn’t one. 

Why buy outdoor tiles from Walls and Floors? 

We hope, after reading this, that we’ve convinced you that garden tiles are the safest, most affordable, and most stylish way to go, when it comes to renovating your garden spaces. If you’re browsing our selection of outdoor external tiles, and you decide you’d like to take a closer look at a particular tile, order a sample tile! Our full size sample tiles come with Free Delivery nationwide. We also offer cut sample tiles, free of charge! 

Here at Walls and Floors, we don’t like to sell you tiles, and then leave you in the dark if you need a little help with your project. That’s where the Tile Guru comes into play. Paul Collins, or ‘the Tile Guru,’ is our resident tiling expert, and he’s always on hand to assist you with your queries. Send your questions to him today.