Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Hexagons are truly taking the world of interior design by storm, with some of the trendiest establishments in the world adopting this captivating six-sided style. You only have to take a walk around the latest home shows and events to realise the hexagon shape is a big deal. This year's Surface Design Show was dominated by them. But why?

Well, the hexagon is a unique shape; and it's very easy to piece together – allowing you to create eye-catching honeycomb structures. It has been called 'Nature's perfect shape,' as it appears in flowers, beehives, and even snowflakes! It’s a shape that allows for a multitude of different textures and styles to be used side by side. Our selection of hexagon tiles encourages exactly that; creating a varied, textured patchwork.  

Bathroom Hexagon Tiles 

Some of our hexagon bathroom tiles have a corrugated carton design (imagine ripping open a sheet of cardboard); with ribs running down the surface of the tile. Perfect for bringing character and charm to a kitchen or bathroom wall space; allowing you to create a striking, textured feature wall.  

The bathroom area is often used as a place to relax and unwind; whether we're soaking in the tub, or standing under the soothing spray of the shower. You may have heard of the raw materials trend - the idea of inviting wood effects and stone effects into an interior setting. The purpose of which is to allow us to feel closer to nature in our own homes. With a hectic work schedule, it can be fairly difficult to find the time to venture outside, and take a stroll around the woods or the fields - particularly in the chilly winter months. Thus, we're encouraged to welcome the illusion of nature into our homes, to help us feel that soothing, relaxing connection to the natural world. Surely, therefore, the best place to enforce this trend is the bathroom - as it's the place we like to relax at the end of a trying day. 

That's where our Rokkakkei Tiles come into play. The range feautures a striking wood ring effect design. Picture a log, split in two; the gorgeous, time-grown rings you'd see emulating from the centre. That's the pattern that is used on some of our Rokkakkei Hexagons; and it's perfect for introducing a naturalistic, relaxing woodland theme into a bathroom area. 

Kitchen hexagon tiles 

When it comes to refreshing a kitchen space, the simplest and most effective update is to introduce a kitchen splashback. If you're uncertain what a splashback is, it's essentially an easily-wipeable surface that stands behind a sink or cooker. It's purpose? To catch any loose flecks of hissing pan fat, or sprays of water, and to stop them from sinking into the wall and discolouring it. 

Since splashbacks can take up a sizeable amount of a kitchen wall space, they are a great way of stapling a certain style into a kitchen area. For example, a splashback consisting of hexagon tiles is a great way of introducing the six-sided style hexagonal trend into a kitchen space. 

Our Bijou Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles make for a fantastic splashback. Miniature white hexagonal pieces in a honeycomb arrangement, they come in both matt and gloss finishes; allowing for either a soft and subtle approach, or a shimmering, glistening display. Mosaics come on an easy-to-cut mesh backing, which makes them perfect for tiling around fixtures and fittings, such as pipework, sockets and light switches. 

Once your kitchen walls are sorted, why not turn your attention to the floors? We have a great selection of hexagonal floor tiles. For a classive period look, introduce our Victorian Unglazed Hexagon Tiles. Made from durable clay, they're perfect for adding an exclusive, luxury, traditional look to your kitchen floor spaces. They come in four colourways - so you can mix and match. 

Moroccan charm

Another major interior design trend this year comes in the form of Moroccan designs; striking Arabesque geometric and efflorescent patterns, fused together in interesting, eye-catching, mish-mashed patchworks. For example, our Affaire Hexagon Tiles consist of elaborate patterned designs, in various shades; ranging from  blue, through to monochrome, through to beige - ideal for fitting in with any colour scheme you may have chosen for your decorating project.