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Kitchen Floor Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

It's a widely accepted fact that the kitchen is one of the most used areas in the house. Whether you’re making a morning coffee, fixing some breakfast for the kids before carting them off to school, putting together some lunch, cooking a nice candle-lit dinner, or mixing yourself a well-deserved night-cap, it all takes place right there in the kitchen! It’s a place your friends and family are likely to spend a lot of time in too, if they pop over for a drink and a catch-up. So why not make it a room to be proud of? Add some new tiles, and create a stylish and contemporary kitchen worth shouting about!

Tiles are all it takes to completely transform the look and feel of a room. You don’t have to rip out the units and spend thousands on new work tops and appliances. Nobody needs that amount of expense, in this tough economic climate. All you truly need to transform a room is a set of new wall and floor tiles!

Starting with a clean slate

For a contemporary and trendy approach, introduce some natural stone tiles to those dull and dreary kitchen floors. Stone is extremely robust, and might not be as costly as you might think. Our popular Altican Slate Tiles are full of character and will bring a homely rustic effect to your floors. They boast many different colours and shades; perfect for piecing together a lively and interesting floor in your kitchen.

Alternatively, you might like to try marble on your kitchen floors, instead. The random and unpredictable veining across the surface of each tile makes them truly unique! Our stylish collection of Tuscan Polished Marble Tiles will bring a rich and regal feel to your kitchen. The cream options add a really warm effect.

A touch of wood

We have an enormous collection of wood effect tiles to choose from. These ranges further compliment the trend of bringing the natural look into your home! Our popular Rustic Wood Tiles have a stunning oak design. The surfaces are alive with ridges, creases, crinks and knots! You will be amazed just how realistic and authentic they look. And your guests? They will be none the wiser. They would literally have to crouch down on their hands and knees to realise the tiles are not actually made from wood.

Another winning wood effect tile can be found in the Vintage Wood Collection. It’s part of our exclusive designer range, the Louisa Charlotte Collection. These chic and stylish floor tiles have an eye-catching parquet design, and will bring charm and character to your kitchen floors!

This is all well and good, but why would I choose wood effect tiles? Why would I not buff up my floorboards, or invest in natural laminate? A good question. There are several benefits to using tiles over natural wood on your kitchen floors. For one thing, tiles are a lot more durable! They’re a lot harder to mark and scratch than the soft and penetrable skin of natural wood. For another thing, wood effect tiles do not require all the strenuous treating and maintenance that natural wood requires. Thirdly, these floor tiles react a lot better with underfloor heating! You get a lot more warmth through that you would with wood.