Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Thinking about doing up the kitchen? Fear not, Walls and Floors have a staggering selection of Kitchen Tiles to help you on your way. Have a look through the Kitchen Wall Tiles above. We'll take you through a few of them...

Our 200x100 Metro Tile range is a popular choice. A whole host of different colours - from classic black and white, through to the more vibrant and exotic. This modern, compact look is taking the UK by storm. For an even more compact look, try our 150x75 Metro Tiles. Or how about our stunning, stylish Glass Brick Mosaic Tiles? They make any dull wall look fantastic. Not for you? Have a little look at our chic Chambray Tiles, then - brought to your by world famous manufacturer British Ceramic Tile.

Don't forget about those floors. We've got a page dedicated to Kitchen Floor Tiles, too. We're thoughtful like that. 

All tiles come with our fantastic Price Beat Promise - guaranteeing you a fantastic deal. We also have a  fast two-day delivery service. Order some samples, and see what you think.