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Split Face Tiles

Reasons to Buy Split Face Tiles

Compose a structured, texturised feel in your home this season with Split Face Tiles. The undulating formation will not only add organic characteristics but increase interest across previously mundane wall spaces. Available in both natural slate and realistic porcelain options these tiles will allow you to create a captivating backdrop in any room. Whether you choose to adorn a shower enclosure or transform a striking focal point in your chosen space, these tiles assist in the creation of fascinating interior designs.

An introduction to natural split face tiles 

If you're unfamiliar with split face tiles, they consist of strips of natural slate or stone, which are cut to different lengths, heights and depths. These pieces are then fixed together, and are arranged in a staggered, multi-levelled design; perfect for adding a textured finish to a wall space. We recommend using them inside the house, but avoiding putting them anywhere where they will be hit directly by water, as slate is naturally pourous. i.e. Don't put them underneath the showerhead, but drier wall spaces in the bathroom are fine! If you want splitface tiles that you can put behind the shower, try splitface effect tiles! 

Splitface effect tiles 

If you love splitface tiles, but they're slightly out of your budget, or you want tiles you can put behind a shower (where they will constantly be hit by water), then we recommend using a split face effect tile! With a textured, staggered, multi-levelled design, they look just like splitface tiles, only they're solid tiles, and aren't made up of individual pieces. Choose a matching grout, and you can piece together a convincing split face display in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom or en suite!  

Create a feature wall or focal point 

Take a walk around an interior design show, or flick through a magazine such as Ideal Home or Good Homes, and you'll see one thing time and time again - textured surfaces. Texture is a big trend, moving into next year. It helps to break up plain spaces, as is perfectly for creating a feature wall or focal point in any room throughout the house. If you've never heard of a feature wall, it's where one wall of the four is decorated elaborately, whilst the rest are left fairly plain. This draws the attention of guests to that one wall. A focal point is similar, but instead of an entire wall, it's a specific point. It could be a striking fireplace, a decorative splashback, or something similar. Just something that catches the eye as you step into the wall.

With their textured design, splitface tiles and split face effect tiles are perfect for creating feature walls and focal points. To really highlight the texture, get clever with your lighting. Angle lamps upwards or downwards onto your split face display, to cast shadows and bring the textured design to life.