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Stone Effect Tiles

Our Bestselling Stone Effect Tiles

Reasons to Buy Stone Effect Tiles

Want to create a grand, expensive stone floor in your home, but it’s slightly out of your budget? Don’t worry. Walls and Floors has the ideal solution for you. We’ve amassed a fantastic selection of realistic stone effect designs, in a multitude of sizes, formats and shades. Need a little help choosing the perfect stone effect tile for you? No problem. We'll guide you through a few of our favourites... 

For an exclusive, extravagant look, try our Krokda Tiles. They consist of moody, slate-esque designs; suitable for use on both walls and floors. For a grander approach, choose the range’s darkest option. In all the swankiest, trendiest establishments, you’ll tend to find darker palettes; so why not adopt this outlook into your own home décor? 

For something a little more different and interesting, browse our Feral Stone Effect Tiles range. Whilst they contain your standard mottled plain stone effect wall and floor tiles, they also contain striking décor tiles to help inject interest into the wall displays. There’s a strip mosaic effect border option to help break up a wall project, along with a more captivating Moroccan-patterned décor tile. 

Reasons to Buy Stone Effect Tiles

There is no better way to add a splash of glamour to your bathroom than with the outdoor wild look of stone. Create an opulent atmosphere instantly with these rugged, durable tiles, and rest assured that your bathroom will have a luxurious feel – but without the hefty price tag.

Alternatively, stone effect tiles can make a wonderful flooring option in any number of the other rooms around your home such as the kitchen or conservatory. Search our extensive selection of tiles today - from stone effect floor tiles to our popular Ashbourne Stone Effect Tiles or stone effect tiles with modern styles - and let your imagination run wild.

Buying these beautiful tiles online couldn't be easier. Simply search through wall and floor tiles using our handy tile finder. A more focused search would be a meander through our stone effect range gallery. Just choose your desired tiles pay online and we'll deliver them straight too your home. All tiles come with our excellent Price Beat Promise - assuring you get a fantastic price on your order.

The natural look: Nature’s prescription 

The natural look is everywhere. It has taken over the world of interior design. Stylists are introducing it into living areas, hallways, bathrooms and kitchens alike. But what’s so appealing about woods and stones? Why are we desperate to have them in our homes? 

Louisa Charlotte, the exclusive designer here at Walls and Floors, suggests it’s down to something she calls ‘Nature’s prescription.’ This is the idea that inviting natural textures and surfaces into our home helps us to feel closer to nature (particularly in the cold and wet winter months, when we’re not likely to go trekking through the woods, or along a pebble beach). When we feel closer to nature, we instantly feel more relaxed and at ease – so, thus, by inviting natural themes into our homes, we’re actually creating a more calming and ambient atmosphere. 

But, of course, we don’t all have the budget for inviting reclaimed wooden floors and natural stone into our homes. Natural materials can be fairly costly, and they require sealing, treatment and maintenance. That’s where stone effect tiles come in handy! Images of stone are fired onto ceramic and porcelain tiles; giving you a maintenance-free stone effect substitute, ready for tiling onto your walls or floors.