Introducing the Capsule™ Collection

New to Walls and Floors, our Capsule™ collection is designed to suit both modern and traditional interior design schemes, featuring a deep, translucent glaze that falls away from the tile edge to create a puddle effect that’s sumptuous in look and feel.

These square-shaped tiles offer a simple solution for transforming dull interiors as their vibrant colours and rich glaze effortlessly creates a luxurious look in any room of your home.

The styles

Revitalising classic hues from a modern heritage colour palette, our Capsule™ Collection offers a comprehensive range of colours in three versatile styles, all exclusive to Walls and Floors. This timeless range of tiles boasts three different elements (plain, bevelled and moldura), which work perfectly together to create an elegant, Victorian-style look, or alone for a more modern approach.

These indulgent tiles can be used to create different laying patterns when mixing the three styles together and can be turned into different layouts including stacked, brickbond and diamond.


This classic flat square is the perfect base for any interior design scheme, easy to use in any space and effortless to style!


These bevelled tiles will add interest to any space, as their raised design and glossy finish work hand in hand to reflect light around the room.


Does your wall display need a little something… more? A moldura “dado” tile is the perfect finishing touch to any design scheme, helping to create a clean, polished look.

The colours

Available in 6 shades, our Capsule™ Tile Collection’s modern heritage colour palette allows these stunning tiles to effortlessly match with a wealth of colours, patterns and styles. Try pairing them with bold, quirky wallpaper designs for a dramatic look or a neutral coloured paint to really make the tiles pop!

Victorian Green

Paired together, the Capsule™ Victorian Green Tiles and the Capsule™ Victorian Green Moldura Tiles make a striking wall display in this hallway. Guests will be green with envy as soon as they walk through the door!

The defining edges of Capsule™ Victorian Green Bevelled Tiles create a charming, characterful look that effortlessly combines with bright colours and patterned wallpaper for a statement look in your home.

Powder Room

Capsule™ Powder Room Tiles introduce an evocative twist on ‘pretty in pink’ with their dusky blush tone. Here, the muted shade pairs beautifully with these large-format Ruscello Gold Marble Effect Tiles to create a luxurious look.

The Capsule™ Powder Room Bevelled Tiles add character and charm to this bathroom space, especially when bordered with the Capsule™ Powder Room Moldura Tiles, and the gold accents work perfectly to create a vintage-inspired look.


Capsule™ Inked Tiles give this bathroom a vintage look, as the dusky blue hue of the tiles and the gold accents work together to create a suave, sophisticated space.

The Capsule™ Inked Bevelled Tiles add depth and distinction to the wall space, creating a charming look, cleanly finished off by the Capsule™ Inked Moldura Tiles.


Capsule™ Dijon Tiles are inspired by the staircase at Sudbury Hall, designed in a sumptuous yellow with a cosy glow. We love how the Capsule™ Dijon Bevelled Tiles are used at the bottom to add a textured element to the room.

The Capsule™ Dijon Moldura Tiles add a clean, polished look that adds the perfect finishing touch to a wall display. Why not try adding a different coloured moldura tile, like above, to define or separate areas of the room? The bright marmalade tones pair beautifully with darker colours across the range such as Inked (seen above).

Kalami Bay

Inspired by the rich blue shades of the ocean overlooking the sunset on the bay, Capsule™ Kalami Bay Tiles capture rich blue hues for a pop of colour in your home. The Capsule™ Kalami Bay Moldura Tiles make the perfect border between the deep blue of the tiles and the fun, jungle pattern of the wallpaper.

Our Capsule™ Kalami Bay Bevelled Tiles make a gorgeous splashback for this kitchen. We think they look gorgeous with the grey veins in the marble countertop!


We love the contrast in this set! The dark blue paint makes the cool tones of our Mallo Tiles stand out and the Capsule™ Mallo Moldura Tiles create a crisp, clean line between the two shades.

The opulent, cool tones of the grey veins in the Olympia White Marble Effect Polished Tiles really pop next to the Capsule™ Mallo Bevelled Tiles which have been used as a border along the floor.

How would you style our Capsule™ Tiles? We’d love to see! Tag us in your projects on Instagram @wallsandfloors.

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Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson