Our Top Shower Tile Ideas

With so many shapes, colours, sizes and styles available to choose from, it can be incredibly easy to find the perfect match for your shower, that is sure to suit the design of your overall bathroom scheme. When you tile the inside of your shower, make sure you take the right measures beforehand, to ensure the best results. Here’s our top shower tile ideas and recommendations, so you can be sure it’ll will be the way you envisioned. Try something bold and daring for a shower that stands out amongst the rest of the room, or if you have a feature elsewhere, create a scheme in your shower that blends into the background elegantly.

1 – Try a Unique Layout

Instead of using the same old layout that everyone else uses across their bathrooms, think outside of the box and try something a bit more unique. Small tiles make it far easier to do this. Smaller metros and brick tiles create the perfect opportunity to go wild and find something that reflects your individuality, whereas it’s a bit trickier with larger format tiles. We’ve created this fun and geometric design with our classic Whitechapel Gloss White Metro Tiles, perfect for adding that touch of flare.

Black and white monochrome bathroom with white tiles in shower area, laid in a geometric pattern.
Above, Whitechapel Gloss White Metro Tiles

2 – Use Contrasting Grout

This is a great way of adding depth and texture across a space that may otherwise appear flat and dull. You can choose any style or colour of tile that you like, and pick a grout that contrasts in colour, to create a look that is truly your own. If you’re looking for something that’s super trendy and modern, we’d recommend opting for classic white metro tiles, with an intense black grout, to create a strong contrast that adds extra detail to your space.

Black and white bathroom with white shower tiles and black floor tiles.
Above, Flat Chalk Farm White Matt Tiles

3 – Spice Things up With Colour

Conquer your colour fears and choose to splash a hint of colour into your shower area. By keeping the colour contained to the shower area, you’ll be framing the space and making it a feature. If you’d rather your shower area blend in, continue the colour throughout the rest of the bathroom, to create continuity, meaning your shower won’t stand out as much. We’ve used our Eton Green Rustic Metro Tiles across the walls of this shower space, and used the same tile to create a splashback for the sink area, meaning the sink and shower compliment each other perfectly.

Green brick shaped tiles across shower area and sink area in a light, white scheme.
Above, Eton Green Rustic Metro Tile

4 – Be Bold With Patterned Shower Tiles

If you’re feeling daring, find yourself a tile packed with pattern and character. This can show off your wild side and create a look that truly reflects your personal style. Opt for a floral design for a timeless look that will be in style for many years to come, or, for something more modern and industrial, go for geometrics in grey and neutral tones. We’ve used Gatsby Pink Tiles in this shower area, creating an Art Deco look, for touches of glamour and elegance.

Pink geometric hexagon shower tiles in an Art Deco style bathroom.
Above, Gatsby Pink Tiles

5 – Stay Natural with Stone

If the colour and pattern is a bit too much for you and your personal style, opt for something a bit more classic and elegant with a natural stone effect tile across your shower space. Stone effect tiles can range from terrazzo to marble, or just classic stone looks like our Form Platinum Polished Tiles. These deep grey tiles make for a perfectly understated shower space that still holds plenty of drama and style.

Grey stone effect shower tiles in a dark and moody shower area.
Above, Form Platinum Polished Tiles

6 – Blend in With Your Overall Design

Leading on from this, if you want your shower space to seamlessly blend into the rest of your room, use the same tiles across the whole space. If you have a wet room style shower, choose one tile to use across the walls and floors of your entire space, so it perfectly blends into the background. If you have a bath shower, ensure you use the same tiles across every wall in your bathroom, to achieve a similar effect. We’ve used our White Rustic Metro Tiles across every wall in this bathroom, to ensure the shower bath doesn’t look out of place and stand out.

White rustic metro tiles across shower bath area, continued into the rest of the bathroom with star patterned scintilla tiles on the floor.
Above, White Rustic Metro Tiles

7 – Use Interesting Shapes

To introduce a bit of quirkiness and a unique style across your shower space, try out a tile that’s neither a rectangle or square… how about a hexagon? Hexagon tiles can be perfect for adding the fun look, adding detail across your space and creating a patterned design. By using multiple shades of hexagon tiles you can enhance the fun nature, and create a design that is truly unique to you and your bathroom. We’ve introduced our Grey Tale Hexagon Tiles, and used them in conjunction with their white counterpart, for a lively geometric design.

White and grey hexagon tiles across walls and floors of shower area with classic white shower bath.
Above, Grey Tale Hexagon Tiles

8 – Go Two Tonal

Using two tones across your space is a great way to add even more depth and texture to your space. It enhances the overall design, rather than you ending up with a flat and lifeless shower. Use complimentary colours throughout the shower space and match these shades across the rest of your bathroom to ensure continuity. Classic bathroom colour pairings almost always involve white, so choose from our huge range of white tiles so you can work with a second colour, creating a two-tonal shower. Or, opt for something like our Osby Pink Patterned Porcelain Tiles, that do all the work for you!

White and pink geometric shower tiles continued across the floors.
Above, Osby™ Pink Patterned Porcelain Tiles

We hope from our list of top shower tile ideas you’ve found some inspiration for your design project! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of the results of your design on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love to see your tile style!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard