Top 10 Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

Not only is the bathroom one of the most likely rooms for our guests to visit, but it’s also space where we relax and unwind in the tub at the end of a long day. So it’s important to get the decor just right. Here are our top 10 bathroom wall ideas…

1) Cappella Marble Effect Tiles

marble effect bathroom tiles, grey marble effect bathroom tiles, marble stone effect bathroom tiles

Above, Calacatta Grey Marble Effect Wall Tiles and Calacatta Grey Marble Effect Décor Wall Tiles

Ask any interior design what the hottest stone type is, and they’ll tell you it’s marble. The gorgeous and contrasting veining adds character to any wall space. The issue with natural marble is that it’s expensive and requires sealing and maintenance. That’s why realistic marble effect alternatives are becoming more and more popular!

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2) Pickett Tiles

pink and white pickett tiles, picket tiles, elongated hexagon tiles, pink hexagon bathroom tiles, pink bathroom tiles

Above, Pickett™ Bevelled Petal Pink Tiles and Pickett™ Bevelled Snow Tiles

Our Pickett Bevelled Tiles have an elongated hexagonal design, with bevelled edges that add a definitive look, and makes the tiles ‘pop’ and stand out from the wall. They’re made from ceramic with a shimmering gloss finish to reflect light around the room.

Get your free cut sample: Pickett™ Bevelled Tiles

3) Raku Tiles

blue brick-shaped raku tiles 
blue bathroom tiles

Above, Raku Blue Tiles

Raku tiles are inspired by the Japanese firing technique that uses all of nature’s elements (earth, fire, air and water) to create a reaction on the glaze like no other. Each colour has 35 different variations to create a unique look.

Get your free sample here: Raku Tiles

4) Troverta Tiles

grey terrazzo bathroom wall tiles
grey terrazzo bathroom floor tiles
stone effect bathroom tiles

Above,  Ceppo Terrazzo Effect Gloss Tiles and Troverta Ash Tiles

A realistic, rock effect design looks gorgeous in a bathroom for those ultimate natural, spa vibes. With their cool grey shade, these wall tiles are made from ceramic and have a gloss finish for a shimmering effect.

Get your free cut sample: Ceppo Terrazzo Effect Tiles and Troverta Tiles

5) Craquelure Tiles

white brick shaped bathroom tiles, white bathroom tiles, carquelure bathroom tiles

Above, Craquelure Cotton Tiles

Brick shaped tiles are absolute classics when it comes to decorating a bathroom wall. Our Craquelure collection sports a charming crackled finish for a beautifully aged, vintage look.

Get your free cut sample: Craquelure Cotton Tiles

6) Cement Tiles

grey cement bathroom tiles, bathroom tiles, concrete effect bathroom tiles

Above, Cement Taupe Concrete Effect Tiles and Cement Taupe Décor Concrete Effect Tiles

The natural look, or the idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in,’ is the biggest interior design trend in the world. It’s all about inviting natural materials into the home to help create a soothing ambience.

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7) Rustic Metro Tiles

green victorian metro tiles, green bathroom tiles, brick shaped bathroom tiles

Above, Victorian Green Metro Tiles

Capture that sought after period look in your bathroom or kitchen with these charming Victorian Green Metro Tiles. With a rich hue, a vintage appearance and a distinctive bevelled edge, these tiles are perfect for adding character to your bathroom.

Get your free cut sample: Rustic Metro 300×100 Tiles

8) Form Tiles

form white tiles, white natural stone effect bathroom tiles

Above, Form Ivory Polished Tiles

Form tiles have a realistic natural stone effect design, perfect to create a beautiful natural look in your home. This natural look helps to create a serene, relaxing, ambient background into your home; which is exactly what you want from your bathroom after a stressful day at work.

Get your free cut sample: Coast Oyster Shell Stone Effect Tiles

9) Wood Effect Split Face Tiles

blue rustic wood effect bathroom flooring, blue bathroom flooring, wood effect bathroom flooring

Above, Rustic Blue Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles

Reclaimed wood is essentially wood that has been salvaged from one setting, and has been re-purposed to create furniture or flooring; giving it a new life. This results in a real cocktail of different colours, finishes and textures; and that’s what gives reclaimed wood its character, and makes it so appealing. Our Wood Effect Split Face Tiles capture all the charm of reclaimed wood, without the massive expense, so we just had to include them in our bathroom wall ideas!

Get your free cut sample: Wood Effect Split Face Tiles

10) Scultura Tiles

Above, Scultura Grigio Stone Effect Tiles

The idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ has never been more popular, and our Scultura Tiles are perfect for creating the natural look. These 298x598mm tiles have a lifelike texture with a porcelain construction and a naturalistic matt finish.

Get your free cut sample: Scultura Tiles

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