Not only is the bathroom one of the most likely rooms for our guests to visit, but it's also the space where we relax and unwind in the tub at the end of a long day. So it's important to get the decor just right. Here are our top 10 bathroom wall tiles...

1) Ceppo Di Gre

A realistic, rock effect design looks gorgeous in a bathroom for those ultimate natural, spa vibes. All it takes is some stone effect tiles, such as these super-stylish Ceppo Di Gre tiles.

2) Craquelure Tiles

Brick shaped tiles are absolute classics when it comes to decorating a bathroom wall. But if you want to break away from traditional white bevelled metros, then you're in luck, because our collection of Antique Smooth Crackle Metro Tiles offers a host of different colours; including a couple of trendy and vibrant hues, such as Kingfisher and Living Coral.

ferrara travertine tiles

3) Ferrara Travertine Tiles

The natural look, or the idea of 'bringing the outdoors in,' is the biggest interior design trend in the world. It's all about inviting natural materials into the home to help create a soothing ambience. One sealed, these Ferrara Travertine Tiles go excellently in a bathroom or wet room! Combine with Chocolate Mosaic Tiles for best results.

rustic metro tiles bathroom

4) Rustic Metro Tiles

Elongated brick shaped tiles are another welcome escape from the classic metro tile. These 300x100 Rustic Metro Tiles have a very characterful textured surface, which glistens in the light as you move around the room. As you can see above, mixing the blue tones together creates the perfect backdrop for a coastal scheme. Og buoy!

5) Cappella Marble Effect Tiles

Ask any interior design what the hottest stone type is, and they'll tell you it's marble. The gorgeous and contrasting veining adds character to any wall space. The issue with natural marble is that it's expensive and requires sealing and maintenance. That's why realistic marble effect alternatives are becoming more and more popular, such as these stunningly lifelike Cappella Marble Effect Tiles.

6) Pixel Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

The hexagon shape is very prominent when it comes to home decorating! You'll find it in soft furnishings, furniture, and even tiling! Our Pixel Hexagon mosaics, are perfect for creating an eye-catching feature wall or splashback.

country cottage metro tiles

7) Country Cottage Metro Tiles

The farmhouse look is hugely popular in bathroom and kitchen design! There's just something about creating a traditional country look that adds a warm and homely feeling. Our Country Cottage Metro Tiles are fantastic for achieving this look. They have a bumpy surface, which adds character to the walls surface. For best results, mix and match a few similar shades, and apply a captivating herringbone layout.

8) Coast Tiles

If you're a big fan of the natural look, but marble tiles aren't for you, don't worry. There are subtler stone effect tiles to choose from; such as these Coast Tiles, which aren't just suitable for use on the wall - they can be used on the floors, too! They come in a mix of luscious and cooling shades; ideal for creating a spa-styled sanctuary in your bathroom.

reclaimed wood effect tiles

9) Wood Effect Split Face Tiles

Reclaimed wood is basically wood that has been salvaged from one setting, and has been re-used to create furniture or flooring. This results in a real cocktail of different colours, finishes and textures; and that's what gives reclaimed wood its character, and makes it so appealing. These Wood Effect Split Face Tiles capture all the charm of reclaimed wood, without the massive expense. They have a staggered, textured design, and will bring any bathroom wall to life.

metro tiles

10) Metro Tiles: The king of Bathroom Wall Tiles

No top 10 of bathroom wall tiles would be complete without the classic Metro Tile. These bevelled brick shaped tiles are made from ceramic and come in a whole host of different colours, with both matt and gloss finishes. They're perfect for transforming a bathroom wall space, and add either a vintage or contemporary backdrop; depending on your accessories!

Add finishing touches

To complete your bathroom, why not add some fab furniture and accessories? For the trendiest stools, side tables, bathroom chairs and rugs, try our friends at

made bathroom table

There you have it - our top 10 bathroom wall tiles. What are you waiting for? Go and transform your bathroom space into a stylish sanctuary!

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