Top 9 Split Face Tiles

If your interior walls lack character, there’s one sure-fire way of bringing them to life; introduce texture! Split face tiles are perfect for injecting texture into a surface, and they’re a major decorating trend in the world of interior design! Here are our Top 9 split face tiles…

1) Charcoal Slate Split Face Tiles

slate split face tiles

When you think of the words ‘split face’, you probably picturing charcoal slate split face tiles. These were the first kind to circulate, and they were initially used to clad the outside of houses. Now, however, they are very much a welcome addition indoors, and will create a textured feature wall in just about any room in the house; from the bathroom and kitchen, through to the dining room, living room and bedroom.

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2) Reclaimed Wood Split Face Tiles

reclaimed wood split face tiles

If you’re a visitor of interior design shows, or if you like to flick through home design magazines, you’ll probably have noticed the huge trend that is reclaimed wood; the idea of re-purposing wood to create characterful flooring or furniture. That’s the exact look that these Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles achieve. Use them to create a striking focal point in your home.

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3) White Slate Split Face Tiles

white slate split face tiles

Don’t think that, just because split face tiles mainly have themes of slate and wood, that they always have to be dark and moody – these luscious White Slate Split Face Tiles are as light as clouds! White tiles are perfect for making a room seem lighter, larger, and more refreshed. In the picture above, they’re been used to frame a TV – a rapidly growing trend, which you might like to try!

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4) Liguria Split Face Tiles

liguaria split face tiles

Because they’re made from natural slate, traditional split face tiles can be a little trickier to cut than standard ceramic or porcelain tiles. So, if you’re tackling the project yourself, you might benefit from choosing a split face effect tile such as these Liguria Split Face Tiles, which still have an eye-catching textured design. Here, they have been used to create a charming kitchen splashback!

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5) Waterfall Tiles

waterfall tiles

A slightly different textured design, these room-stealing Waterfall Tiles have a sloped effect. Rather than a mish-mash of different staggered layers, they portray a stepped look which, when beheld from afar, might look like water running down the face of the wall! Hence the name, ‘Waterfall Tiles.’

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6) Thin Rustic Slate Split Face Tiles

rustic split face tiles

If the charcoal and white slate split face designs weren’t doing much for you, then how about these ultra-characterful Thin Rustic Tiles? They have a weathered, rusty colour; perfect for creating an aged appearance in a kitchen, bathroom or lounge! They certainly back a fab country farmhouse splashback, we’re sure you’ll agree!

7) Seared Walnut Split Face Tiles

wood effect split face tiles

For a wood effect textured design without the reclaimed look, try these Seared Walnut Split Face Tiles. Part of our range of Cellar Door Luxury Wood Tiles, they are perfect for turning a bland wall space into an exclusive, eye-catching work of art! You’ll be impressed just how much like natural wood they look!

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8) Rustic Multi Coloured Tiles

rustic split face tiles

A thicker version of the rustic tiles a couple of slots above, these Rustic Multi Coloured Split Face Tiles are perfect for injecting a weathered feature wall into a dining room or living area! Made from natural slate, they’re ideal for welcoming the sought after natural trend into your home.

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9) Vesuvius Split Face Effect Tiles

vesuvius split face tiles

If you like the rustic look, but you’d rather not have a natural slate product, then try these porcelain Vesuvius Tiles instead! A gorgeous mix of Autumnal oranges and golds, they are perfect for achieving the same fabulous look.

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There you have it – our Top 9 Split Face Tiles! Which will you choose?



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