Trepanel® Magic: Expert Tips on How to Style Wood Wall Panels

Creating an inviting and stylish home is always a top priority for homeowners and interior design enthusiasts. One of the latest trends in home decor is the use of wood wall panels, particularly the elegant and versatile Trepanel® Wood Slat Wall Panels. The panels offer a unique blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication, making them a perfect choice for various rooms in your home. We’re deep diving into the world of Trepanel®, from the cosy corners of your living room to the serene ambience of your bedroom, here’s how to style wood wall panels, from Walls and Floors.

Cosy Bedroom Beauty – Bedroom Wood Slat Design

– Modernity With Blue Bedroom Wood Panelling

Elevate your bedroom’s aesthetic with the stylish Trepanel® Chevron Hessian beige wood slat wall panels. The chevron pattern of these panels adds a dynamic textured appearance to the wall, creating an eye-catching focal point exuding sophistication and modernity. In our example, chevron hessian panels provide a stunning contrast against the bedding, emphasising a clean and minimalist feel. The incorporation of blue accents throughout the room, like the soothing quilt and the patterned area rug, introduces a serene and calming palette, reminiscent of a seaside retreat. Blue details offer a refreshing pop of colour that enhances the room’s overall aesthetic, inviting a sense of peace and relaxation.

– Going Grey with Grey Felt Wood Wall Panels

It doesn’t stop with grown-up bedrooms! Create a serene and acoustically balanced nursery using the Trepanel® Oak Panels with grey felt backing! These panels infuse our nursery with a sense of calm and sophistication, thanks to their soft grey felt backing which not only complements the oak shade but also contributes to sound absorption when installed correctly (check out our Trepanel® Guide!) – perfect for creating a quiet environment for a sleeping baby! The natural oak finish of the slats welcomes a warm, organic element. harmonising with the room’s earthy and pastel colours. The grey felt introduces a layer of textural contrast and enhances the room’s modern aesthetic.

Serene nursery room interior featuring oak wood panels, with a soft sage green wall complementing the natural wood slats, furnished with a white cot adorned with a whimsical rainbow blanket, a cosy beige armchair and a playful rainbow shaped rug, exuding a calm and nurturing atmosphere.
Above, Trepanel® Oak Acoustic Wood Slat Panels Grey Felt

– Vibrancy and Character in The Bedroom

Infuse a touch of sophistication into a girl’s bedroom with the chic Trepanel® Smoke Oak Panels on Grey Felt. The rich, smoked oak finish offers a luxurious and cosy backdrop, like in our example, while the grey felt introduces a contemporary edge that is both stylish and functional. The warm tones of the smoked oak panels set against the neutral grey felt create a striking contrast, perfect for a youthful and modern space. The textural diversity adds depth and character, blending with the room’s playful yet elegant accessories like the blush pink throw cushion and the botanical print bedding. These elements combine to create a personalised and inviting atmosphere, ideal for a girl’s bedroom.

Warm and inviting bedroom detail featuring smoked oak wood wall panels with grey felt, complemented by a plush bed dressed in soft pink linens, rich mustard and botanical print cushions, accented with a fluffy pink throw pillow, a floating shelf with trailing greenery and a minimalist wall sconce, creating a cosy yet stylish retreat.
Above, Trepanel® Smoked Oak Acoustic Wood Slat Panels Grey Felt

– Squared Up with Square Wood Slat Panels

Embrace the essence of modern design with the Grey Square Wood Slat Panels, which create a captivating monochrome bedroom aesthetic. In our example, the geometric precision of the square panels provides a bold and artistic statement, embodying a sleek and urban vibe, that is both timeless and contemporary. The alternating alignment of the slats within the squares adds a dynamic visual texture to the space, offering a unique interplay of light and shadow that shifts throughout the day. The choice of our ash grey panels enhances the monochrome theme, allowing for a versatile bedroom design that can be accented with varying shades and textures.

Contemporary bedroom featuring a striking ash square acoustic wood slat wall panel design in black and grey, paired with a comfortable bed with a dark headboard and grey bedding, alongside a luxurious grey velvet armchair with a book, set on a light wooden floor, offering a modern and sophisticated aesthetic.
Above, Trepanel® Ash Square Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

Outstanding Offices – Office Wood Wall Slats

– Gorgeously Grey Office Spaces

Elevate your home office to a new level of sophistication with the silver-grey wood wall slat panels. The sleek lines of the wood slats create a refined backdrop that is stylish and perfect for improving concentration. Their silver-grey hue offers a neutral palette that pairs seamlessly with the office’s black and white furniture, striking an impressive balance between professional and chic. This office set-up demonstrates how the wood wall slats can also serve a practical purpose by enhancing the acoustics of the room when installed correctly (Follow the Trepanel® Guide!). The vertical lines of the slats have a visually elongating effect on the room, making the space feel larger and more open, a design feature that is particularly beneficial in a home office environment where space may be limited.

Modern home office design featuring silver grey wood wall slats, creating a sophisticated backdrop for the sleek black desk, complemented by stylish open shelving adorned with minimalist decor, and a cosy nook with a throw blanket, accented by a statement globe desk lamp, merging functionality with a chic aesthetic.
Above, Trepanel® Silver Grey Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

– Warming Walnut Squares

In this example, the Walnut Square Panels add a touch of elegance and refined taste to the home office setup. The deep, rich tones of walnut provide a luxurious backdrop that complements the sophisticated aesthetic of the professional space. The square patterns of the panels offer a modern twist to the classic wood design, bringing a geometric element that is both visually interesting and calming. The use of walnut brown in the panels creates a sense of stability and timelessness, qualities that are desired in workspaces to promote productivity. The square nature of these panels breaks the monotony of the continuous slats, adding a structured and organised feel to the office environment.

Sleek and functional workspace corner with walnut square acoustic wood slat panels, featuring a dark wood floating desk with a modern laptop and a classic black angle poise lamp, accented by a small potted plant and a neat notebook, set against a backdrop of textured wall panels that blend style with acoustical comfort.
Above, Trepanel® Walnut Square Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

Kitchen Elegance – Wood Slat Kitchens

– Juniper Green Kitchen Dreams

This kitchen harmoniously blends functionality with contemporary design, featuring Trepanel® Juniper Acoustic Wood Panels. These panels add a refreshing twist to the kitchen decor, infusing the space with natural textures and a calming colour palette that complements the room’s modern aesthetic. The vertical lines of the juniper green panels draw the eye upwards, creating an illusion of height and space in the kitchen, a clever design trick for making the area larger and more open. The soft green hue of the panels is a nod to nature’s palette, promoting a sense of freshness and vitality, perfect for the heart of the home. In our kitchen, the panels stand against a backdrop of dark grey walls and cabinetry, grounding the design and adding depth.

Stylish kitchen interior featuring juniper acoustic wood panels on a chic partition wall, contrasting elegantly with dark grey walls and light tiled flooring, complete with a modern farmhouse sink, sage cabinetry and an inviting window view, accented by warm decorative touches and a view to a cosy outdoor patio.
Above, Trepanel® Juniper Green Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

– Grey on Grey on Blue Kitchen Design

This kitchen presents a sleek and modern design featuring Ash grey panels on a grey felt, creating a sophisticated and modern blend of textures and tones. The monochromatic colour scheme is effortlessly chic. The natural wood texture of the panels adds depth and warmth to the kitchen’s overall design. This look is complemented by the deep teal wall and the marble countertop, which introduces elements of luxury and elegance. These panels also serve as a practical solution for busy kitchens, where the felt backing can help absorb sound, making the space quieter and more enjoyable for cooking and conversation. Accents like the vibrant blue bar stools from Furniture and Choice add a pop of colour that stands out against the neutral backdrop, showcasing how bold and bright furnishings can enliven a space.

Luxuriously appointed kitchen island setting with an ash-grey felt wood wall panels, complemented by a sleek white marble countertop and deep teal herringbone tiled floor, styled with elegant blue velvet bar stools and accented with chic wall art, open shelving displaying curated decor, and vibrant greenery, exuding a sophisticated entertaining space.
Above, Trepanel® Ash Acoustic Wood Slat Panels and Lisbon Bar Stools from Furniture and Choice

– Open Plan Wood Slat Detailing

This kitchen elegantly showcases the Trepanel® Noir Chevron Wood Slat Panels, which add a sophisticated and dynamic touch to the dining area. The striking chevron detail provides a sense of movement and depth, effortlessly becoming the centrepiece of the room design. The contrast between the rich, dark tones of the wood slats and the lighter, airy colour palette of the kitchen creates a balanced and inviting space. The chevron pattern, a timeless design, injects classic charm into the modern setting, while also complementing the sleek lines of the contemporary furniture. These panels provide a stylish backdrop that is both practical and stylish, making it the perfect setting for both everyday meals and special gatherings.

Minimalist dining area featuring noir black chevron oak wood wall panels, paired with a natural wooden table and elegant white chairs, set against a bright and airy backdrop with light tiled flooring, complete with subtle kitchen cabinetry and sophisticated pendant lighting, presenting a perfect blend of modern design and comfortable dining.
Above, Trepanel® Chevron Noir Black Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

Marvellous Living Rooms – Living Room Wood Slats

– We’re Going Media Wall Mad

In this living room, the Trepanel® Autumn Brown panels create a media wall that is both practical and aesthetically striking, The natural wood slats offer a warm, organic texture that contrasts beautifully with the sleek modernity of the flat-screen TV. The vertical slats draw the eye upward, enhancing the room’s sense of space and creating an illusion of height, which adds an air of sophistication to the living room area. Our wood slat panels are paired with a dark wood media console that grounds the design, harmonising with the lighter tones of the slats and the white surrounding walls. The choice of decor, including the white fluffy rug and minimalist vases, complements the natural aesthetic, creating a cosy yet chic environment, perfect for relaxing and enjoying what’s on the telly!

Elegantly modern living room with a wall-mounted flat-screen TV set against autumn brown wood slats, above a seamless dark wooden floating media unit, accented by simple white vases with fresh greenery, against a backdrop of soft white walls and a luxurious white faux fur rug, offering a cosy yet chic entertainment space.
Above, Trepanel® Autumn Brown Oak Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

– Beautiful Blue Living Room Panels

This chic living room has been given character and depth through the use of the Peacock Wood Panels with their distinctive mottled detailing. This feature wall creates a stunning visual texture that adds to the room’s contemporary vibe. The mottled effect on the panels brings a unique artistic element, reminiscent of the intricate details found in natural peacocks feathers. The choice of colour in the wood slats provides a striking backdrop that complements the simple elegance of the white sofa. The play on colours and texture creates a dynamic yet cohesive living space that is both welcoming and stylish. The living room setup, with its blend of modern furniture and intriguing mottled wall panels, showcases how design elements can come together to create a space that is both functional and visually engaging.

Sophisticated living room featuring peacock blue wood slat wall panels on the wall, creating a striking texture contrast with the sleek off-white sofa adorned with a herringbone throw and decorative pillows, complemented by a round black coffee table and a matching striped rug alongside a modern bookshelf, crafting a stylish and inviting space.
Above, Trepanel® Peacock Blue Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

– Square Panels Doing What They Do Best

This living room beautifully incorporates the Trepanel® Oak Square Panels, showcasing an eye-catching square layout that adds geometric flair to the wall space. The squares offer a fresh take on wall panelling, presenting both a visual and textural contrast to the sleek lines of contemporary furniture. The natural oak finish of the wood panels brings warmth and an organic feel to the room. This layout, with its clean lines and the repeating pattern of the squares, not only creates a sense of order and symmetry but also serves as an artistic backdrop that enhances the overall design of the room. The combination of the dark sofa with a vibrant green throw and the oak panels contribute to a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

Inviting living space highlighted by oak square wood slat panels arranged in a dynamic chevron pattern, complemented by a dark sofa with a botanical print pillow and an olive green throw, paired with a simple wood coffee table and adorned with minimalist decor and a wall-mounted lamp, framed by calming neutral walls and artwork, creating a cosy yet artistic atmosphere.
Above, Trepanel® Oak Square Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

Deluxe Dining Rooms – Dining Room Wood Slats

– Dining Room Squared

Our first dining room example features Smoked Oak Square Panels, which bring a sophisticated and contemporary edge to the space. The square panels form a grid that adds a bold geometric pattern to the wall, creating a striking visual effect that complements the room’s modern furnishings. The smoked oak finish of the panels exudes richness and warmth, making the dining area feel inviting and comfortable. The square provides a sense of structure and balance, enhancing the ambience for diners. The sleek lines of the dark dining table and the quilted texture of the chairs juxtapose beautifully against the natural wood grain of the Trepanel®.

Elegant dining corner with smoked oak square acoustic wall slat panels, featuring a round table with a bold black cross table, flanked by luxurious diamond patterned grey chairs, under a contemporary black wire pendant, set on a wood floor, and adorned with simple yet sophisticated table decor including a vase with fresh white flowers, creating an intimate and stylish dining experience.
Above, Trepanel® Smoked Oak Square Acoustic Wood Slat Panels with Newark and Ricco Dining Set from Furniture and Choice

– Blue Beauty in The Dining Room

This space has been beautifully accented with the Trepanel® Denim Panels, providing a stunning backdrop that is both visually and acoustically pleasing. The deep blue hue of the panels adds a dramatic yet calming effect to the dining space, reminiscent of a denim fabric, which pairs elegantly with the room’s modern colour. The warmth of the beige throw on the modern grey Furniture and Choice chair in this space and the natural elements such as the plant and reed diffuser complement the cool tones of the denim panels. This careful balance of warm and cool tones creates a harmonious and inviting space for dining and entertaining. This dining room strikes the perfect balance between style and function, making it a delightful space to have your dinner!

Modern minimalist dining area accented with denim acoustic panels on the wall, featuring a chic dark table and a comfortable chair draped with a cosy beige throw, complemented by elegant candles and a diffuser on the table, set in a room with light flooring that enhances the vibrant yet soothing blue tones of the wall, creating a tranquil dining ambiance.
Above, Trepanel® Denim Blue Acoustic Wood Slat Panels and Brooklyn Dining Chairs from Furniture and Choice

– Deep and Moody

This dining space captures the essence of modern sophistication with its wide Trepanel® Noir panels, which bring a deep and moody ambience to the space. The wide panels offer a contemporary take on traditional wood panelling, with their expansive width creating a bold statement that complements the room’s dark colour scheme. The sleekness of the wide slat panels is mirrored in the clean lines of the furniture, creating a cohesive look that is both commanding and comfortable. This dining room is a testament to the power of a bold colour scheme and the impact of wide wood panels in creating a space that feels both expansive and intimate, perfect for modern living and entertainment.

Chic dining setting with wide slat noir panels providing a dramatic backdrop to a stylish table with a geometric patterned top, complemented by luxurious emerald green velvet chairs, all set upon classic marble flooring. The room is accessorised with a modern art piece and a vase of delicate white flowers, creating a bold yet elegant space perfect for contemporary entertaining.
Above, Trepanel® Noir Black Wide Acoustic Wood Panel

Perfect Hallways – Wood Wall Panel Hallways

– Cut and Stick!

The smoked oak panels provide a rich, warm tone that is both welcoming and sophisticated, creating a striking contrast with the lighter floor and wall colours. This attention to detail in the cutting of the panels ensures they fit perfectly within the space, providing this seamless and tailored appearance. This design is practical for a hallway setting, where space is often at a premium. The vertical lines of the slats add a textural element that is visually interesting and breaks up the monotony of a plain wall. This hallway is styled with a minimalist approach, featuring a simple bench cushion, a round mirror that reflects light, and a few carefully chosen accessories.

Stylish entryway with smoked oak panels adding warmth and texture, featuring a sleek round mirror that reflects the spacious room. Below, a minimalist wooden bench cushioned with a plush white pad provides a spot to rest, accessorised with a fashionable handbag and boots, while a large lantern adds a touch of modern decor, creating a welcoming and fashionable first impression.
Above, Trepanel® Smoked Oak Acoustic Wood Slat Panels

– Classy Entryways

The use of Trepanel® Wide Walnut in this hallway introduces a striking design element that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The solitary single panel creates a focal point on the wall, its rich walnut tone providing warmth and elegance to the space. The wide slats of the panel add a modern touch and texture, contrasting beautifully against the crisp white walls. The minimalist approach of using just one panel is a testament to the less is more philosophy, proving that a single statement piece can have a significant impact. The strategic placement of the panel, alongside carefully chosen accessories like the plush throw, the vase of delicate flowers and the potted plant reflected in the mirror, creates a serene and welcoming atmosphere. This example showcases how you can achieve a balance between simplicity and sophistication, making the hallway not just a passageway but a part of the home to be admired.

Minimalist and elegant hallway design featuring walnut wide panels, complemented by a sleek black bench and a modern circular mirrort that reflects the rooms natural light. A vase with delicate pink blossoms adds a pop of colour, while the herringbone patterned floor lends a classic touch to the space, creating an inviting and sophisticated entryway.
Above, Trepanel® Walnut Brown Wide Slat Acoustic Wood Panels

There you have our top tips on how to style wood wall panels, specifically our wonderful Trepanel®! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your styling over on Instagram, @wallsandfloors, or upload a product review picture, for a chance to be featured on our website!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard