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Natural Cork Tiles

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Natural Cork Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Time for a new floor covering in your home? Rip up the carpets, throw away the laminate, and lose the lino. There’s a new type of flooring in town, and it’s bang on trend. 

Cork Tiles have been a popular floor covering since the end of the 19th century, but it’s only now that they’re an interior design trend; appearing in magazines such as Ideal Home. 

Making cork tiles: It takes time 

The harvesting of cork is strictly regulated. Every nine years the bark can be harvested . During the harvesting process, the cork oak tree is stripped of its bark by hand. This does not harm the tree in any way; it actually leaves the tree in a much healthier state - ready to continue growing and reproducing new bark.  So if you are looking for the most renewable source of flooring, Cork would be the perfect choice!

Lock in the heat

A major benefit of cork is that it is a great insulator of heat, so during the colder winter months your floors will be warmer to walk on! Perfect if you get cold easily. Cork tiles will help you to create a cosy nook you can hibernate in throughout the chillier parts of the year. 

Mute the noise

Cork is naturally a great insulator of sound! If you’ve got a snorer living in the flat downstairs, or you’ve got a school band drummer in the house, adding cork tiles to the walls and floors is a great way of reducing the amount of sound the enters / leaves the room. It also helps to quash any annoying echoes. So if you like your peace and quiet, cork is probably a good option for you. 

It’s child’s play 

Cork is relatively cushioned to the touch; making it perfect for use in children’s rooms. If you’ve got a nursery or play room in your house, where your little ones are constantly running around, adding a cork floor is a great way of putting your mind at ease, should they take a tumble and bump themselves on the floor. Cork makes for a much softer landing than regular tiles or laminate flooring. 

In fact, DIY SOS especially requested cork tiles from us, during a Big Build project in 2015. The team were renovating the home of a little boy with special needs, so it was crucial to have flooring that was comfortable for him to crawl around on. 

A cushioned touch 

Cork is made up of around 50% air, so it has a cushion-like feel, perfect for dropped dishes, glasses or human impact. The natural waxy substance found in cork also makes it moisture-resistant, great for spills! Another bonus is that cork is a more adaptable material when dealing with pets in the home. Cork can cope much better when it comes into impact from dog and cat claws.

With Cork being a natural product, variation in colour is to be expected. To keep your cork clean, mop regularly with a damp mop, not wet mop, avoiding harsh cleaning agents. 

Help and advice from Walls and Floors 

If you’re not sure which cork tile to go for, why not order a sample tile or two? Our full size samples come with Free Delivery. 

If you’re taking on the tiling project yourself, and you need a little advice, ask Paul Collins – the Tile Guru. He’s our resident tiling expert here at Walls and Floors, and he’s always on hand to answer your queries.