Natural Granite Tiles

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Reasons to Buy Natural Granite Tiles

Bored of looking at a plain interior scheme in your home? Got dated lino in your kitchen, or stained trampled carpets in your hallway? Time to introduce a striking new look? For a ritzy, eye-catching look that’s guaranteed to inject a bit of glitz and sparkle, choose from our selection of Granite Tiles! 

What is granite? 

Granite is a type of natural stone which is formed from igneous rock. It’s often under to produce work tops, so it’s a favourite for kitchen spaces. It consists partly of quartz, which is a glittery material. That’s what gives granite its sparkle. If you move a piece of granite around in the light, you’ll see it glitter and glisten. It’s this shimmering, enchanting quality that makes granite such a popular natural stone when it comes to decorating kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and living areas. 

Perfect for incorporating the natural look into your home décor scheme

If you follow the latest design trends by flicking through the latest lifestyle magazines or walking around home styling shows, you’ll see one thing time and time again – natural surfaces. Namely, wood and stone products. They’re appearing on walls, floors, and in furniture and accessories. Bringing the outside world into our homes in one of the main trends when it comes to devising a décor scheme. But why? Our exclusive designer, Louisa Charlotte, who has her own collection available from Walls and Floors, thinks it’s down to something called ‘nature’s prescription.’ 

It’s the idea that, by introducing natural surfaces into our interiors, we are creating an area that allows us to feel closer to nature – and, thus, more relaxed and at ease in our homes. Which is exactly how we should feel in our homes, isn’t it? Safe and collected. Granite tiles are perfect for creating a naturalistic base in an interior space. There are glistening mosaics that allow you to create a feature wall, and striking Quartz Tiles for a room-stealing floor area. 

The magic of Quartz Tiles 

Our most popular and, in our opinion, most extravagant granite product comes in the form of our collection of Quartz Tiles. Available in a selection of colours including black, white, red and blue, Quartz Tiles consist of a durable body with flecks of granite, quartz and mirror trapped beneath a laminated surface. The mirror specks really catch the light, and burst it outwards in little glistening pops; catching the eye of you and your guests. You’ll find Quartz Tiles in the trendiest bars and hotels the UK has to offer – so why not invite them into your home, and add a little luxury? 

Why buy granite tiles from Walls and Floors? 

Walls and Floors offer a fantastic sample service, which you should take advantage of if you’re unsure which tile to opt for. There are full size sample tiles, which come at a discounted price. But there are also cut sample tiles, which are free of charge. Both types of sample tile come with Free Delivery. 

If you’re tackling a tiling project yourself, and you’re unsure on something, send your technical or styling query over to Paul Collins, the Tile Guru. He is the resident tiling expert at Walls and Floors. With over a decade of experience in tiling, and working with tiling tools and products, he is always happy to help with any questions you might have about a tile-related project.