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Statement Floor Tiles

Statement Floor Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

If you’re taking on a decorating project because you don’t like the plain decal of the room, and you’re tired of looking at uninteresting, mono-coloured walls and floors, it sounds like you might benefit from introducing a statement floor. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it’s really a very simple idea; you cover the floor in an interesting pattern or design. This turns your entire floor area into a focal point that immediately catches the eye as you step into the room. By using statement floor tiles you can give your room all the character it needs, without having to worry about spending lots of money on the walls; you can afford to keep them looking fairly plain. To help you achieve this stylish decorating ‘hack,’ we have put together a selection of striking statement floor tiles for your perusal. 

Moroccan look: Patterned statement floor tiles 

When it comes to creating a striking feature on a floor space, Moroccan Tiles are a great choice. The Mediterranean trend has been a major interior design element for over a year now, with a surge of eye-catching Arabesque patterns appearing in home styling magazines, and in swanky establishments up and down the UK. Here at Walls and Floors, we have a huge selection of colourful Moroccan statement floor tiles to choose from. We have multi-coloured patchworks, along with eye-catching monochrome geometrics; perfect for filling a bathroom, kitchen or living area floor space with character and personality. 

Statement floor tiles: Wooden beauty 

If you love the idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in,’ then you should create the natural look in your home. Whilst we have a huge selection of wood effect tiles to choose from, the standard plank-shaped designs aren’t striking enough to create a statement floor. However, we do have two wood effect ranges that allow you to create a stunning focal point in your home. Firstly, the Vintage Wood Tiles range from our exclusive designer Louisa Charlotte Collection consists of crate and parquet effect statement floor tiles. Secondly, the Estrellar Tiles range contains a patterned star-shaped design, made from dark and light wood-shaded hues. 

Create a Victorian period statement floor 

Whether you’re updating a Victorian town house, or you’re decorating a more modern build, the period look is simply irresistible. The airing of Downton Abbey created a boom in the appeal of charming period tiles. We have a huge selection of Victorian statement floor tiles to choose from; perfect for transforming a bathroom, hallway or kitchen floor area. Choose from clay geometrics, hexagon designs and antique patterned floor tiles. 

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