Beautifully Scandi Boxing Day Dining Room

We recently helped to create the Good Homes Room sets at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas! The Boxing Day Dining Room focuses on baqueting, and has a cosy and nostalgic feel with a palette of plum, brass, midnight, blue, emerald green and gold!


Good Homes Room Set dining room


To add to the cosy, rustic, woody scheme, our Oxid Rost Tiles were used on the floors throughout the room. A gorgeous mix of orangey brown tiles, they’re alive with personality, and are perfect for creating a lively warm base in any room!

The tiles have the appearance of weathered metal; with the tones of rust, which will add that sought after aged, reclaimed look to your floor spaces.


Rust metallic floor tiles Ideal Home Show


These characterful Oxid Rost Tiles are  made from porcelain, which is the hardiest tiling material. This makes them incredibly durable they will last for years to come!

They’re also far more resistant to scratching than the likes of wooden flooring or laminate – which is exactly what you  want in a dining room setting, where you’ve got chair legs scraping across the flooring multiple times per day.


rustic floor tiles dining room


Just because they’ve been used on a floor space in this dining room, that doesn’t mean they’re limited to floors! They can also be applied to wall areas to create a warm and rustic feature.

We loved being part of this fabulous dining room set. To see the other Good Homes Christmas Room Sets we were involved in creating, click here.



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