Disco Fever New Year’s Eve Dining Room

We recently helped to create the Good Homes Room sets at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas! The party-ready Disco Fever New Year’s Eve Dining Room has a glamorous and luxurious look, and is full of deep purples, golds and twinkling lights!


black and white chequered floor dining room


The base of this room is styled after a dance floor, and uses our Black 80×80 Polished Porcelain Tiles and White 80×80 Polished Porcelain Tiles to create a statement chequered chessboard effect! Perfect for throwing some shapes to good music.


black and white polished porcelain tiles


Because they’re made from hardy porcelain, these floor tiles will last for years to come! They have a highly reflective polished finish, which can help to magnify the appearance of a room in the same way a mirrored surface does!



Combining black and white tiles in a chequered chessboard effect is an age-old style, which helps to create an impactful monochrome statement. Often found in the lobbies and halls of grand manor houses, this chequered look is synonymous with luxury!


luxury good homes room sets


Large format tiles are an enormous trend right now and at 80×80, these floor tiles are quite sizeable. They help to make a room seem larger because there’s more rooms between the edges of each tile.


Ideal Home Show elegant room set


We loved being part of this luxurious scheme! Check out the rest of the Good Homes Christmas Room Set here.



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