The kitchen is the social hub of the home and it's one of the rooms most frequented by our guests, so it's important to keep it fresh! Here are our Top 10 kitchen tiles to help update those splashbacks and floor spaces...


antique crackle metro tiles


1) Antique Smooth Crackle Metro Tiles

No list of stylish kitchen tiles would be complete without a white brick shaped design. Metro tiles have been used in kitchens for decades, and they always manage to look fresh and timeless. For a unique twist, try these Antique Smooth Crackle Metro Tiles. They have a characterful crackle glaze. Be unique with your layout; try a herringbone pattern, as shown above and, again, go for a contrasting grout line!


matt hexagon mosaic tile


2) Matt Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

Up first in our low-down of kitchen wonders are these striking Matt Hexagon Mosaic Tiles! Hexagonal designs have been an interior design trend for some time, and these mosaics are perfect for creating a honeycomb display in your cooking space. For best results, use with a contrasting anthracite grout.


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reclaimed wood effect tiles


3) Swoonworthy Wood Effect Tiles

It's not all about the wall spaces - those floors need some TLC, too! A huge flooring trend for the coming years is reclaimed wood. That's wood that has been salvaged from one place and has been re-purposed somewhere else; either to create new flooring, or furniture, etc. It results in a mix of different colours and textures, which is highly characterful. Reclaimed wood is very expensive, which is where our Swoonworthy Wood Effect Tiles come into play. Use them to inject colour into your kitchen space.


cappella marble effect tiles


4) Cappella Marble Effect Tiles

We're all well aware of the trend of 'bringing the outdoors in' and creating a natural look in our interior spaces. When it comes to achieving this, the most popular stone type is marble; probably for its characterful veining draped over a refreshing white backdrop. Natural marble is costly and requires ongoing treatment and maintenance. Enter our realistic range of Cappella Marble Effect Tiles. With matt and gloss options available in different sizes, this collection caters for both walls and floors!


patchwork mosaic tiles


5) Patchwork Mosaic Effect Tiles

For a colourful and interesting kitchen splashback, you can't go wrong with patterned designs, such as our Mosaic Effect Patchwork Tiles. A mix of summery Moroccan patterns, these tiles have a textured surface, and are perfect for bringing a kitchen wall space to life! They have a fabric quality to them; giving them the appearance of a patchwork quilt, which makes them very unique and eye-catching.


bronte country ferndean tiles


6) Bronte Country Ferndean Tiles

Another popular scheme when it comes to decorating a kitchen space is the farmhouse look. There's something about a traditional country kitchen that us Brits just love. For a true rural scheme, there can only be one flooring option - a cool stone. Our Bronte Ferndean Tiles have a lifelike stone effect design and come in a mix of different sizes. Choose one of the modular layouts for a multi-sized pattern.


waterfall wood kitchen tiles


7) Waterfall Mix Tiles

We keep coming back to 'characterful' and 'interesting' designs - and this next tile is doing if not characterful and interesting. A welcome break from brick tiles and stone effects, this decorative Waterfall Mix Tile (far wall, above) has a stacked, shutter-styled, linear design in a mix of pale shades. It's perfect for creating a striking focal point in your kitchen and belongs to our collection of BoCoCa Wood Effect Tiles.


country metro tiles


8) Country Cottage Metro Tiles

Talking about creating the traditional farmhouse look in your home, that brings us to these charming Country Cottage Metro Tiles. These tiny brick shaped tiles have a rustic bumpy finish, which adds tons of age, charm and personality! Choose a few similar shades and create a blended splashback in your kitchen for a fab country look.


indigopattern tiles


9) Vecchio Floreale Indigo Tiles

If your kitchen floor is in need of a refresh, but you're not a fan of reclaimed woods or stone effects, then how about these stunning patterned Vecchio Floreale Indigo Tiles? With an antiqued and aged appearance, they are perfect for creating a vintage-styled statement floor in the social hub of your home. With this much character on the floor, you won't need to touch the wall areas!


white metro kitchen tiles


10) White Metro Tiles

Last but not least, we arrive at the king of kitchen tiles - the classic 200x100 white metro tile. If none of the other tiles have inspired your imagination, you can always rely on this timeless design. With its bevelled edge, this brick shaped tile will instantly add definition to those kitchen spaces. Use these tiles to create a refreshing white splashback behind your work surface, sink and hob!


There you have it - our Top 10 Kitchen Tiles. Which will you choose?



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