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We’ve all seen enough home improvement shows to know that a good fireplace is a major selling point for a house or apartment. Why? Because the fireplace is the main focus of a living area; it’s what draws the eye, as soon as you step into the room. 
Why the fireplace is important
Historically, the fireplace is the point of the house where the family would all gather round to keep warm. These days, families are scattered about the house; playing video games and glaring at tablet screens. That cosy fire-side comfort is missing in most homes. Here at Walls and Floors, we want to help you get it back! We want to help you create a fireplace your family can’t resist. A fireplace where you can all gather round on those chilly autumn and winter nights, and talk about your days. That’s why we’ve put together an excellent selection of fireplace tiles – to help you re-vitalise the look of this important place in your home for this season,
And, in the spring and summer, when the sun is shining (hopefully), and your fire isn’t crackling, you’ll still have a super-stylish fireplace that acts as focal point in your living area; making you the envy of your guests. 
Rejuvenate your surround with fireplace tiles
Looking at a fireplace, the surround is usually the most prominent part of the decoration. It’s the three slim surfaces that frame the opening of the fireplace; to the left, the right, and above. Sometimes, the surround is clad with carven wood, or maybe it’s a flat tiled surface. Whatever style it happens to be, the surround needs to look fresh and interesting; as it carries most of the fireplace’s character. 
Therefore, we suggest scraping away the old, often utilitarian, surface material on your surround, and replacing it with some decorative fireplace tiles. Brick-shaped tiles work fantastically on a surround, and help to create a striking vintage look. Try our Country Cottage Metro Tiles which have a bumpy, aged appearance. 
Create a period hearth 
The hearth is the part of your fireplace that sits on the floor, and projects from the wall. Often, the hearth will be tiled in a dull polished stone effect and simply looks old-fashioned. If you wanted to inject a trendy vintage period look into your hearth – something from the Victorian era, for example – then try replacing the stone effect tiles with some striking clay Gosford Tiles; from our selection of fireplace tiles. They come in elaborate geometric patterned designs which are great for creating a room-stealing hearth. 
Clad your fireplace 
If you’ve fitted a burner (so that the fire is contained in a metal enclosure) in your fireplace and it’s surrounded by dull and unsightly bare brick or concrete, why not try cladding the inside of your fireplace with split face tiles? This will help to add a contemporary textured look, which will be magnified at night by the burner’s amber glow. 

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