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Scrabble Wall Tiles

Scrabble Wall Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Want to get a little creative with your next decorating project, or simply want to staple some of your personality into your home? We have just the thing for you! Our fantastic selection of ceramic Scrabble Tiles allows you to spell out anything you like! A name, a lyric, a noun, a movie quote – anything you can think of! They’re perfect for personalising your kitchen, bathroom or living area or – alternatively – you can give them away as gifts to a friend or loved one. They come in two colour options; a cool a refreshing white, and a warm and nourishing cream. 

Create a Scrabble Tile kitchen splashback 

One of the easiest, trouble-free ways of updating a kitchen area is to introduce a new splashback. A kitchen splashback is essentially an easily-wipeable surface that stands behind the cooker or sink, and catches any water splashes or pan fat. Typically, a splashback will consist of mosaics or metro tiles, which are nice and stylish, but lack that personal touch. However, when creating a splashback of Scrabble Tiles, you can add in words or names that are personal to you! Create a cross-word of your favourite foods or drinks, or of the names of your family! Alternatively, you can create a Scrabble feature wall in your bathroom! 

Decorate a shelf or mantelpiece with Scrabble Tiles

If you’ve got a mantelpiece or bookcase in your living room or bedroom and they’re looking a little bare, why not liven them up a little with Scrabble Tiles? You’ve seen words like ‘HOME’ and ‘RELAX’ for sale in Dunelm and Next; you can use Scrabble Tiles in the same way, only you can spell out any word you like… ‘DREAM’, ‘FAMILY’, ‘IMAGINE.’ Simply sit the tiles on the shelf or the mantelpiece, and lean them back against the wall so that they’re propped up. Voila – the surface is no longer bare, and you’ve injected some personality into the room. 

Get crafty with Scrabble Tiles 

If you love to get hands-on, and you’re a fan of the occasional spot of arts and crafts, then you’ll love our ceramic Scrabble Tiles! You can use them to create decorative wall art. Here’s a quick guide: 

1) Buy a photo frame that fits your chosen word. 

2) Choose a colour of paper that makes your chosen Scrabble Tiles ‘pop’. 

3) Place the paper in the frame, behind the glass. This will act as the backdrop. 

4) Take a glue gun, and apply a healthy dose to the back of your Scrabble Tiles. 

5) Stick the Scrabble Tiles onto the face of the glass. 

6) Wait for them to dry, and you’ll have a stunning piece of Scrabble wall art. 

Create a coaster set 

If your coffee table looks a little bland, and you could benefit from an interesting new set of coasters, then why not creating your own using Scrabble Tiles? They’re already square, firm and wipeable; all you need to do is to add felt pads to the under-side of the tile to prevent them from scratching or scuffing the surface of your coffee table. You can buy sticky felt pads from Poundland. Place one felt pad in each corner of your Scrabble Tiles. Dot them around your coffee table for instant character! 

The perfect gift 

Looking for something that little bit special to give to a friend or loved one this year? Something that little bit more personalised? Whether it's for a birthday, an anniversary, or Christmas, Scrabble Tiles make for a fantastic present. Choose a word that suits your selected friend and either make them a framed gift or coaster set using the processes above, or simply sit the tiles in a gift box with plenty of shredding tissue paper for padding.