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Sick of staring at the same four walls? Then it’s time to give your home a bit of a makeover! Whether you’re giving the kiss of life to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or a living area, tiles are, without a doubt, the easiest way to transform the appearance of a room. So scrape off your dated wallpaper or rip down those dreary looking tiles and put a new fresh, stylish look in its place by choosing from our huge range of eye catching contemporary tiles.

New tile trends and ideas 

The Metro Tiles series consists of a collection of modern, versatile and exciting bevelled brick tiles. They take their inspiration from the iconic look of the London Underground. With a variety of different colours, ranging from bright and zesty tones through to the gentle and elegant, you can create a stylish wall display that perfectly suits your taste. This collection can add real character to your walls. As an extension of the brick collection, our Rustic metro tiles series has a unique aged effect. Similar in style to Laura Ashley’s Artisan range, they have a bumpy and warped surface. Another offspring of this collection is the Antique metro tiles range. With a unique retro crackled surface, they will add a textured look and feel to your walls.

A lot of people are looking for a natural style to add a look of class and quality when tiling their homes. A great example is natural stone which brings a luxurious and exclusive feel. The gorgeous veined patterns are completely unique, and are thousands of years in the making. Travertine tiles are another fantastic choice for walls. With a soft beige tone Travertine adds a rich, warm and ambient feel. At the other end of the spectrum, marble can bring a chic and contemporary look, particularly when combined with glass in an eye-catching mosaic format.

Linear tiles are another great way to break up a wall, and bring a crisp, cool appearance. The Brighton collection from British Ceramic Tile is a perfect example of how the modernistic linear effect can completely transform the look of a plain wall.

And let’s not forget that mosaic tiles offer a sharp and snazzy look. They’re becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, often appearing in the homes of A-list celebrities and well-loved interior designers. And why not? They’re stylish, unique and they’re modern.

Not a one-trick pony 

Tiles have long been associated with the kitchen and bathroom, but with hundreds of new designer tile ranges coming out each year, tiles can work really well for every room in the house. Realistic wood effect floor tiles are extremely versatile and look fantastic throughout hallways and living areas. When kitting out the bedroom, Buccino Tiles are particularly effective; having featured in Channel 4’s Grand Design Magazine.

A helping hand from Walls and Floors 

Need a helping hand when it comes to tiling your walls? Take a look at our informative video about how to tile a wall. The professional tiler takes you through the process step by step; from preparing the surface, through to applying the adhesive and setting the tiles in place. He tells you everything you need for the job so you can have confidence in a successful outcome.

Why choose tiles?

If you’re looking for options to decorate your home, there are a lot of wall covering materials to choose from. From paint and wallpaper, through to expensive wood panelling. But none are as flexible and effective at transforming the look of a room as wall tiles. Not only are they incredibly stylish and very simple to install, but they can also be extremely cost effective – with wall tiles starting from as little as £3.95 per Sqm. 

At Walls and Floors, we have a vast selection of Wall Tiles. From stunning designer feature tiles with impressive, eye-catching floral displays, through to classic plain 10x10 white tiles, there’s something for every tiling project – from the downstairs water closet to the grand ballroom. 

Brick-shaped Metro Tiles are taking the UK by storm – appearing in some of the most prestigious establishments in Britain. They’re perfect for transforming your bathroom and kitchen walls. 

If you want to create a real impact in your home, you need a Wow factor. If that’s your goal, we recommend going for one of our captivating feature tiles. Our exclusive designer selection, the Louisa Charlotte Collection, is filled with striking floral designs – perfect for bringing walls to life. The Eden Tile Collection is available only at Walls and Floors, and combines a raised, glittery efflorescent foreground. Why not order a sample tile?  

A popular trend this year is to capture the wild beauty of nature indoors. We have a fantastic selection of travertine, marble and stone effect tiles – all with perfectly lifelike, realistic designs. These durable and attractive tiles allow you to simulate the natural look, without all the hassle of treatment and maintenance. 

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