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Wood Effect Tiles

Our Bestselling Wood Effect Tiles

Wood Effect Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

Wood effect tiles are hugely popular and may be suitable for every room in the house. The wide ranging textures, styles and finishes this medium offers means that these attractive tiles can work very well in a bedroom just as they can in a kitchen. The luxury of natural wooden flooring in your home can be very expensive, particularly if you want to have it in more than one room, or across a large space. However, with wood effect tiles, you can create the same look but for considerably less money. They look just like wood but don't need all the extra treatment and maintenance to consistently look their best, and, of course, they’re very stain resistant and hard wearing.

Modern style

If you want to create a very chic, modern look for your home, New Forest tiles may be a wise choice. With various styles available in this design, you'll be sure to find something to create the look you want. Alternatively, if you'd rather opt for something with a richer character, the Buccino collection of tiles is available in darker colours, giving a sumptuous, yet classy, feel to a room.

The Buccino collection is part of our new glazed porcelain wood-effect range, while you can also choose from the Willow tiles range, featuring the best-selling British ceramic tiles with a wood effect.


Create an elegant, sophisticated, look to a room with classic wood tile flooring. With this amazingly flexible product, you can instantly create a sense of glamour and turn your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom into a place that reeks of luxury. A major benefit of this option is that wood effect tiles don't come with the huge price tag of natural wood. We don’t recommend Vinyl as the first choice, even though they sometimes can be made to have a wood effect, they are rarely to a high standard. However, if that’s your preference you can rest assured that at Walls and Floors, we offer some of the best examples on the market

Warm feet

Wood flooring can leave feet feeling chilly in the winter months so underfloor heating may be something to consider to combat this. With our under floor tile heating kits, you'll be able to fit a heated floor easily and effectively. The heater mats also come with a lifetime warranty so you won't need to worry that you're not making a safe purchase. As well as being easy to use, this collection from Walls and Floors is also energy efficient, allowing you to have warm feet without spending a fortune.

Wood effect Tiles can be used in so many combinations and designs we’ve barely scratched the surface so browse through our range and get inspired!

Aged wooden flooring can add a bold style statement to any room. Strength and durabilty however is not always possible when using natural wood.  At Walls and Floors we have expanded our Wood Effect tile collection into many different styles for you to reap the benefits of ceramic and porcelain tiles within the latest trends.

Our ‘Vintage’ collection by Louisa Charlotte has a parquet flooring effect, adding real style and class to your home. Alternatively, for those wanting that extra authentic approach, our ‘Cantina’ collection has a subtle print across the tile remensicent of old wine boxes, oozing instant fascination and charm.

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