Winter Chic Christmas Day Living Room

We recently helped to create the Good Homes Room sets at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas! The Winter Chic Christmas Day Living Room is all about creating your very own white Christmas, and it’s full of warm whites, flickering candles, fairy lights and snowflakes!


Good Homes Magazine Christmas Room Sets


For the base of this winter wonderland, something white was required, to create the cooling illusion of a blanket of snow. For this, our Tavern Wood Effect Tiles were used!

White tiles are perfect for making any space feel brighter and larger. They instantly make a space feel revived, reinvigorated, and refreshed.

Made from porcelain, these Tavern White Wood Tiles are a scratch resistant and easy-to-clean alternative to natural wood, and they will last for years to come!


White wood effect tiles Christmas


Using a white base in a room is great if you like to chop and change your colour scheme often, because white goes with all colours! You simply build your colour scheme through accessories – throws, cushions, wall art, lamp shades, etc – and when you get bored, just change them over. A complete revamp and zero decorating!

Over in the corner of the room, standing behind the Christmas tree, is a block of our extremely characterful Foxed Mirror Tiles.


Foxed Mirror Tiles Reflecting Christmas tree


Their surface is alive with a smoky antiqued effect, which gives them real vintage appeal and personality! Their bevelled edges help to make each tile really stand out, and it gives a luxurious quilted effect to the wall space.

Mirror tiles are perfect for making a room seem larger, and they help to glorify the Christmas tree by showing the side of it that you wouldn’t usually see; you can appreciate the full 360 degrees of your wonderfully decorated festive masterpiece.


Ideal Home Show at Christmas


We loved being part of this gorgeous, enchanted arctic wonderland! Check out the rest of the Good Homes Christmas Room Sets here.



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