Tile Calculator: How Many Tiles Do I Need?

Calculate the amount of tiles you need by entering the dimensions of your wall and/or floor to be covered into our Tile Calculator below.

Please note: an additional 10% is automatically added to the total to allow for wastage.

Enter Tile Measurements

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So you’re working on a new decorating project. Maybe you’re decorating the kitchen, or you’re doing up the bathroom, or refreshing the living room, or giving the hallway an exciting new look. Whatever the project, you’ve decided to incorporate tiles into the striking new scheme. And why wouldn’t you? They’re affordable, they’re easy to install, they’re robust and out last wall paper, carpet, lino and laminate by years.

I need help working out how many tiles I need

You’ve settled on the fact that you’re going to be using tiles in your project. Maybe you’ll be using wall tiles, maybe you’ll be using floor tiles, or maybe you’ll be using both. And it’s come to the point where you need to work out how many tiles you need to buy. If you’re thinking ‘Uh oh, I don’t know how to work out Sqm,’ then don’t worry – because we’ve programmed the intelligent Walls and Floors Tile Calculator above.

How to use the tile calculator

Using our tile calculator couldn’t be simpler. Firstly, you need to choose which tiles you want to use on your wall or floor. Choose from over 4,000 tile designs – all with Free Delivery over £150. Jot down or make a mental note of the ID numbers on the tiles you would like

Once you’ve settled on which tiles you want for your project, grab a measuring tape and measure the length and width or the wall or floor area you wish to tile. Now, enter the width and length of your wall or floor into the tile calculator’s dedicated sections, and select which dimensions you’ve chosen to use. You can choose from metres, cm, mm, inches and feet. If you’ve added a wall and you want to add another wall click (you’ve guessed it) ‘Add another wall.’ It’s the same if you want to add another floor.

Once you’ve filled in your dimensions, click ‘continue’. Here, you’ll be asked to enter your ideas for the individual wall and floor spaces you’ve added. Enter the ID, hit enter or click the magnify glass, and click the correct tile that appears beneath. It will become surrounded by a red box. This means you’ve selected it. Once you’ve selected all the right tiles, click ‘continue.’

Next, you’ll arrive at a page with your choices and their pricing on. Click ‘add to basket’ to put the items in your basket. You can then go and check out! Don’t forget to add your adhesive and grout, along with any tiling tools you might need if you’re doing the job yourself (tile cutters, spacers, etc.). For a nice, seamless finish, you might like to include some tile trims. If your selected floor tiles are suitable for use with underfloor heating, why not add some of that to the basket, too?