Icon Glossary

You might have spotted some icons across our tile product pages. They're there to help you easily identify you where you can use the tiles, and any special qualities the tile might have. Here's a complete glossary of what each icon means.

anti slip

Anti slip

This icon means that the tile has a degree of slip resistance, which is often useful in areas prone to getting wet, such as a bathroom or an outdoor space.

anti slip

Suitable for a fireplace or wood burner

If you're tiling a fireplace, or around a wood burner, you'll need a tile that is heat resistant, so watch out for this icon. Also, make sure you use a heat proof tile adhesive.

anti slip

Suitable for external use

The idea of using tiles outdoors has never been more popular on account of their durability and wide variety of styles. To use a tile outside in the UK, it needs to be frost-proof. That's what this icon indicates - so keep an eye out for it.

anti slip

Requires sealing

Certain tiles, such as natural stones, clays and crackle tiles, are very porous, and absorb dirt and moisture easily. Therefore, they need to be sealed. If you see this icon, the tile requires sealing, so be sure to check the description for the correct sealer and instructions.

anti slip

Suitable for use in a shower

Certain tiles aren't recommended for use where they will be directly hit by water - such as in a shower area. So if you're looking for tiles for your shower, look out for this icon.

anti slip

Tile has shade variation

If you see this icon, it means that the tile has several variations or patterns - not just one. This helps to build a more varied and interesting look.

anti slip

Suitable for wet rooms

Creating a wet room in your home? This icon will help you identify tiles that are perfect for use in a wet room area or walk-in shower space.

anti slip

Trader rated

If you see this icon, then the product is used and recommended by professional tradespeople for its price and quality.