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Pattern Tiles

Pattern Tiles Ideas from Walls and Floors

If you’re tired of looking at the same old décor, and you want to freshen up an interior area, then one good option is to create a feature wall or statement floor. Unfamiliar with these concepts? They consist of introducing interesting pattern tiles to a wall or floor area, to help inject character into the room. If you choose a design that is striking enough, you can get away with having fairly plain and ordinary décor in the rest of the room, because the feature wall or statement floor offers enough panache by itself. 
An Introduction to Pattern Tiles 
Pattern tiles are a great way to achieve a feature wall or statement floor in a kitchen, bathroom or living area. Available in ceramic and porcelain options, these tiles cater for both wall and floor spaces. With the Moroccan trend, dozens of exciting patterned tiles came into stock at Walls and Floors – from colourful patchworks through to monochrome geometric designs. 
Geometric Pattern Tiles 
Another major interior design trend is the introduction of geometric patterns into the home. Geometrics are appearing in the design of furniture and soft furnishings (such as cushions, rugs, curtains, blinds). Now, they can be found on tiles! Unlike Moroccan tiles, which consist of dozens of different designs in a patchwork display, geometrics consist of the same pattern repeated again and again. 
Using Bricks as Pattern Tiles 
In this category of Pattern Tiles, you’ll also find our Brick Tile range. Why? Because brick tiles, with their rectangular format, are perfect for piecing together different patterns and layouts. You could go for a brick-bond design (like a traditional brick wall, with each row overlapping). Or, how about a fish-spine Herringbone design (extremely popular right now, and appearing at all the interior styling shows and events). There’s also a linear design, where the brick tiles are stacked in perfectly straight columns (ideal for creating a contemporary twist). With a wide variety of patterns and layouts you are spoilt for choice!
The Louisa Charlotte Collection: Pattern Tiles Paradise 
Louisa Charlotte, our exclusive in-house designer, recently added an exciting new patterned tile range into her collection. Manufactured in the UK by British Ceramic Tile, the Eden Tile collection consists of a floral pattern, with purple vines weaving their way across the surface of the tile. They fit perfectly with a Marsala colour scheme. Use the decorative vine tiles to create a feature strip, and tile on either side with the calmer linear tiles. 
The Zia Pattern Tiles are also part of the Louisa Charlotte Collection. They consist of numerous geometric patterns in a monochrome design; allowing you to create a patchwork display on your kitchen or bathroom wall spaces. Each tile has a cushioned edge, which adds definition to the tiling project.